The Political Sideshow

On a side note, the political campaigns have brought in a few interesting discussions.

  1. Trump admits in his presentation that modern politicians are bought and sold every day by men like him.  And he says he once bought the Clintons and they attended his wedding.  No one seems to have noticed.  All of the other politicians are also bought and sold.  They cannot dispute it.
  2. Due to the questions she asked Trump, Megyn Kelly has shown herself to be a feminist.  Kelly supporters cry foul.  Here’s the thing:  If you use the word “misogynist” in a conversation (other than how I just did), you are a feminist.  Real people don’t use that word because there are no real misogynists.  This is a fringe mental disorder that affects a miniscule percentage of the population.  It’s not a real thing.  Only feminists would make you think that Males hate females.  Every male I know lives his entire live willfully filling his life with female companionship from his own cradle to his grave, and lavishing his affection on his daughters as well as his sons.  Grown ups should understand that people in the public sphere,  who deserve criticism and then get that criticism, is not an example of misogyny or racism.

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1 Response to The Political Sideshow

  1. JN says:

    That’s Misogyrasis!


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