Live blogging gun show: Fredericksburg

The gun show is in town and I’m there.

1.  Lots of available parking.  This is the lowest attendance I have ever seen at this venue.

2.  It looks like there is a 30% reduction in vendors too.

3. Something new. Military style popup targets with plastic e-type silhouettes. $350. A good price. Modern electronics. If you have the space for your own range its just the thing.

4. Looks like $30/box for primers is the new normal.

5. Looks like all the Russian revolution surplus has flushed through the system. I’m not seeing any old mosins.

6. Something new. Thermal sight with a screen the size of a postage stamp. A small stamp. $600-$900. Interesting technology but totally useless. There is no practical way to use these.

7. Interesting. At the class 3 booth a weapon marked m16a2 (.223), but it has a feed tray on top as if belt fed, and the tray looks like 22lr.[edit] closer inspection reveals that the 22LR feed tray is a kit that comes with a fully auto M-16 for “free”.  Just pay the 40K for the base model.

8. Spotted three small ammo vendors. I wish them luck. But I think the high profit wave on ammo has passed them by. I don’t expect to see them next year.

9. That’s it for me today. Loot. Pack of paper targets official 50 yard small bore. Five circles per page. Perfect for testing ammo groups. I couldn’t find any 5.56 match ammo.


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