Arts and Crafts: CV replacement

I got home tonight and was going to drink and play games all night like I normally do. But the 4runner noises are getting worse and really bothering me.  So I jacked it up and put it on stands and put it in neutral.  I do this so all the wheels will spin freely using hand pressure.

My undercarriage inspection revealed that both cv axles were firmly snapped into place in the differential.  

So I started looking for noises.  I spun each wheel forward and backward at different speeds.  Listening for grinding as well as feeling for vibrations.  The right wheel made some odd popping and crunching noises. 

I removed it and the cv axle to give a closer inspection.  It as then that I noticed the dried coating of old grease on the undercarriage.  The inboard knuckle of the CV felt loose. 

For background this is the same joint I replaced the boot on last year.  The boot was still in good condition and tightly sealed.  I opened it.  There was no grease.  I remember filling it with the provided grease when I changed the boot.  The interior bearings were all ground down to loose rings on spindles.  The grease inside was burned away from heat.  The entire axle needed replacement.  


Lucky for me the local parts store was still open and had one in stock.  $76. 

While I was at it I replaced the bearing with my new bearing hub pre-pressed assembly.


Another easy job.  All the bolts came out without needing to be drilled or tapped or extracted.

Preliminary test drive shows only tire noise remaining.

Results:  I was right that my highway noise was a CV axle noise but guessed the wrong one. 
My previous repair of CV boot replacement was not worth the money I saved because the boot did not seal tightly around the axle.  At some point the grease liquefied and blew through the seals under centrifugal force.

And having completed the job tonight leaves me free for the range tomorrow,  weather depending.

On a happy note, I really enjoy finding a part that is obviously broke or worn out.  It is much more gratifying than guessing. And the cost of replacing is a no brainer.


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11 Responses to Arts and Crafts: CV replacement

  1. og says:

    Man I gotta get me one of them toyotas, they last forever and never break down leaving you stranded on the road.


    • No One says:

      In all fairness. It’s only broke down once and I blame the mechanic for that. Bad choices in spare parts buying. Its the replacement boot that went bad.

      And its 13 years old with 230k miles on it. Both my Ford Ranger and Windstar were in the grave with half that many miles.


  2. og says:

    400000 miles in the explorer, still running fine with original parts except for a front pulley and a radiator. (Well, brake pads) I just couldn’t resist.


  3. og says:

    Exactly. Literally millions of well maintained ford’s are out there, trouble free, while I never saw a Toyota that wasn’t a ratty old rustbucket in under five years. As always, proper maintenance is the key.


    • No One says:

      I’m disappointed that my 4runner isn’t rustier. I’d like to get a new one. But this one keeps running. Same for the 2001 Accord. But I’m getting rid of it anyway next summer. Daughter gets a new one for graduation (college) to get her started in life with reliable transport.


  4. Og says:

    Good for you and her. Wish I had that kind of scratch. Nice to be able to help her get started without a car payment.


  5. Og says:

    Lord, I wish I could say that. With what we spent on grade school and high school alone, I could buy her a new Jag. University is gonna be the cost of a nice suburban home.


  6. Og says:

    She HAS a scholarship, that pays half of the bill. And it’s gonna be more than our house payment.


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