Current Events: 6 August 2015

  1.  Hillery is being investigated by the FBI for her email scandal.  Could she be indicted?  Should she go to jail?  That would put a damper on her campaigning, but It won’t change the outcome.  She would still win the presidency from jail and then pardon herself.  But that isn’t going to happen.  The purpose of the FBI probe is so that during debates against a Republican candidate (Bush), she can claim, “the FBI has been through all this with a fine toothed comb and found nothing.  This is all just more wishful thinking by Republican operatives.”  But there is plenty there.  She should be in jail for so many things related to her public life.  Bribery, corruption, influence peddling, insider trading, etc.  Her email thing deliberately violated established email protocols at the State department and in so doing, opened up a huge vulnerability for national secrets.  It doesn’t matter if things “were not secret at that time”.  A secret is a secret because the information is valuable and exploitable by others, not because it has a label on it.  The Secretary of State should know that distinction or hire someone who does.  Everything the SEC STATE said or wrote was at a very minimum FOUO (For Official Use ONLY) and was required by law to be safeguarded.  Are you telling me that the Secretary of State never ever sent an email about a diplomatic matter?  All of those are state secrets and can disrupt international negotiating positions.  This stuff is all extremely important and because Hillery’s biggest threat was having her political ambitions torpedoed, she didn’t care about protecting the national interests of the United States.
  2. The Republican debates are tonight.  It’s too soon.  I won’t bother watching them.  There are simply too many candidates to care what any of them has to say about anything.  Instead put up a web site with 20 questions that each candidate posts prepared answers to so all the republican voters can compare their positions side by side.   In such a case we will discover that there is no appreciable difference between 13 out of 17 candidates.  They are in a 13-way tie for third place.  I understand that they all want the national stage to establish themselves for next time.  I understand that committees of advisers are getting paychecks by advising them to get out there and raise money and spend it on us advisers.  But, seriously, guys.  You are wasting our time.  None of you are worth giving a dime to.  And I don’t need to watch the debates to catch the soundbites that are worthy.  The media will capture and endlessly rebroadcast Trump saying anything outlandish and they will ignore everyone else (and rightly so).
  3. NASA just signed a half billion dollar deal with Russia to continue funding the ISS.  We seriously need to cut that umbilical cord.   The only thing we get for all the billions we spend on that is the ability to put “Astronaut” on 20 resumes per year.  It’s a pretty high price to pay for such vanity.  America no longer needs astronauts since we already know that robots are the best way to explore space and there is no place out there for us to go.

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