Windows 10: DO NOT WANT (3). Getting rid of it

What MS doesn’t want you to know (along with all the other things about this they don’t want you to know).

If you google “how do I get rid of windows 10”, you will get a bunch of fan-fic articles written by MS butt kissers in the trade media talking about how wonderful Windows 10 is (“IT HAS EDGE!!!”), and how they can’t understand why anyone would want to get rid of it.  But if you do want to get rid of it, (because you live in a cave with the other trolls and it doesn’t play your favorite troll videos on media player), then “just hit the rollback button”.

But that doesn’t work.  Windows update will still try to download it all over again.  Every time you turn on your computer, they will ask you to accept the EULA.  But through diligently clicking every link Google offered me, I finally found the solution.

  1.  In the windows updates section of your control panel, get the list of updates you have already installed.  Find updates KB3035583 and KB2976978.  Uninstall them.
  2. Did you uninstall them?  Good.  Now go back and uninstall them again.  You will discover that as long as your computer is turned on and connected to the internet, they will reinstall themselves.  To keep that from happening, go back to the windows update page, and BEFORE THEY INSTALL AGAIN, right click them, and select “hide”. That will keep them from coming back and that will allow all the rest of your Windows 7 updates to continue normally.
  3. Restart your computer for this to take effect.

As you read the fan-fic by MS butt kissers you will discover that Win10 has 4 major features that make it really worth the effort to install, and worth finding all your required drivers yourself, and worth loading them in the right order and running down all the driver conflicts yourself because Windows 10 doesn’t do that for you.

  1.  It is a stable OS (not like all that other crap we have been selling you for decades).  I have heard this same marketing claim since Windows 3.0.
  2. If you like your windows 7, you can keep your windows 7. Or it will be windows 10, but with the right settings, it will still look like windows 7.  And you will have to google for yourself how to do this because we just didn’t give a shit about putting an option up front on the installation screen that says, “make it look like what I already have”.  But then, what I already have, already looks like what I already have.  So, why do I need this?
  3. SIRI.  I mean Cortana.  Is it just a coincidence that Cortana was the name of an AI character from the popular game series “HALO”?  Because really.  What is missing from my computer OS is a snarky voice application.
  4. “EDGE”!!  It’s not Internet Explorer.  We finally got rid of that piece of crap browser.  This is Not IE 11 (or 12).  This is all new.  Yes, it looks and acts like other browsers.  But it’s faster and more stable.  Cool.  MS finally has a browser like Chrome and Firefox have had for 10 years.  And they aren’t really faster because the browser speed is not the limiter on how fast web pages load or respond.  That is all about the pipes and servers.  And don’t call this IE.  It’s “Edge”.  IT’S NOT IE, DAMNIT!  Stop calling it that.
  5. One OS to rule them all, and in the darkness… Um.  Never mind.  I don’t see why I need an operating system that is portable from my cell phone to my home computer and then to my tablet.  Great, I can buy one copy of angry birds instead of three.   Is this really a thing that people worry about?  I am a serious gamer.  I don’t play games on a tablet or on my phone.  Those devices just don’t have the hardware to to that.  And I don’t make calls on my PC, even though we have had that technology since the 80’s.  Doing that on a cell phone is the way I want to make calls.  And I already have free email client apps that are optimized for each of those hardware platforms.  This isn’t really a problem that needed solving.  But, thanks MS for spending a billion dollars coming up with that.

I think the entirety of Windows 10 has nothing at all to do with creating a new product that the market needs and that they will pay money to get.  I think this is all about how MS wants to change the whole nature of the OS and turn it into a monetized revenue stream.  And by placing it into the OS, you are never going to be able to get an ad blocker or third party browser to bypass it.


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