Nixon on fringe sexual behavior

I saw this over at Moon Battery this morning.  It’s a blast from the past, courtesy of the Oval Office recording system.

I find the interesting part is that Nixon and his aids were having a simple discussion about what was on TV the night before, like many of us do.

1.  No one in the Oval office watched much TV.   It simply wasn’t a central part of their lives.  They had a country to run and before they did that they were doing other useful things.

2.  There can be no doubt from listening to this that Nixon’s primary motivation in the way he presided, was for the good of the nation.  He loved this country and wanted it to be prosperous, vital, and strong long after he left office.  Compare and contrast with the current occupant.  There can be no doubt that Nixon saw America’s mortal enemy was communism.  Now we have a Communist elected to sit at his desk.

3.  There is no longer an oval office recording system. It was turned off in 1973 and removed. The missing 7 minutes of tape brought Nixon down.  No president after him would tolerate that sort of threat to their political futures.  But imagine if you will, the sort of conversations we would all hear from the Clintons and Obamas in the White house.


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One Response to Nixon on fringe sexual behavior

  1. Old NFO says:

    Sometimes I ‘really’ wish there was one installed… sigh


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