Windows 10: DO NOT WANT (2)

But MS doesn’t take no for an answer.  They are still hogging my bandwidth downloading it and calling it the next update to win 7.  My Windows update for 7 is stalled at “we are ready to install 10 now”.  Every time I restart my computer, the first thing that comes up is the EULA asking me to agree to install 10.  No matter how many times, I say “no”, it keeps coming back.

Dicks!  I don’t want your cludgy product.  I’m fine with what I have.

And I am particularly annoyed by the MS tech support attitude that “if only I did some tweaking and visited their self-help/no-help web site and downloaded multiple new versions of patches and drivers available from third parties then everything would be fine”.  And all the third parties didn’t update their drivers for 10 because they are already the industry standard and their drivers work fine.

My Standard for computer stuff is simple:  It should work.  It should work every time.  It should work the same way every time.  I should not have to learn new tricks to make it work.  It should install all by itself after asking me politely if I want it.  And if I say “no” it should go away and pout on it’s own time. If it requires a few detailed instructions to set it up, those instructions should be written in English (as written by people who are fluent in American English) and include appropriate pictures of screen grabs and those instructions should be included in the packaging.  NOT ON A PDF FILE I CAN DOWNLOAD OFF THE INTERNET ON THE DEVICE THAT ISN’T WORKING YET.

And while we are at it, MS is pretty much of a Dick company even when they aren’t releasing new products or patches to the patches to the patches that didn’t work to cover the gaping security vulnerability (ahem… backdoor…) that they put in their OS in 85 different places and that a 15 year old in Wisconsin found one day while he was looking for a way to download porn.  What am I ranting about?  The joystick calibration.  Computers have had joysticks since the invention of the serial port (longer if you count mainframe special application IO devices).  You used to sometimes have a special joystick port on the sound card but they are all USB now.  But there was always a software way to calibrate them so that the physical center of the stick sent a signal to the computer that approximated “center”.  if you are uncalibrated then your flight simulator always takes a hard left turn across the runway during take off and then augers into the simulated turf.  Most joystick manufacturers uses to include their own software to do this in the driver but windows XP had a built in calibrator that worked fine and USB takes all the guesswork out of it.  But not in 7.  In win 7, the calibration utility is hidden.  To find it you have to ask Google where it is and follow detailed instructions that won’t work the first 4 times you try it.  But if you don’t give up, you will eventually hit on the random sequence that gets you into the calibration utility.  There is no other way to describe this.  It is a hidden utility that you should be able to find, filed in with all the other utilities in the Control panel.  THAT’S WHAT THE CONTROL PANEL IS FOR.

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