George Washington Univ Lowers the Bar. Again

GWU is claiming to be opening their admissions policies to enable students to better compete for admissions.  They are no longer requiring the SAT or ACT tests to be taken.  They claim, “some people just don’t test well and we don’t want to unfairly penalize them in admissions process.”

What this is really about:  They are tired of getting their asses sued off for their ANTI-competative EEO practices of admitting less qualified black and Hispanic students instead of higher qualified whites and Asian students.

SAT scores prove in an objective way that the White and Asian students are superior and deserve greater admissions and scholarship consideration.  But then the school will look “racist” or “too white”.    If they school doesn’t ask about SAT scores, then they don’t have to report them on their overall stats.  Stats that can be used against them in court.  Stats they started keeping because they needed them to prove in court that they were not discriminating against blacks.  Those same stats were being used against them to claim discrimination against Asians.  Can’t have that.  So. No stats being collected.  No standardized tests being viewed.

Some people “just don’t test well” because they failed to learn anything testable in K-12 public school.  The SAT test doesn’t ask questions about “is recycling good for the Earth” or “where can you get free condoms if you don’t want your parents to know”?  The SAT test focuses on Math and English.  Just Math and English.  Two important basic skills that every college student should have mastered as an entry requirement to get into college.


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