The Smell of FREEDOM

It is strong around the Pentagon today.  Particularly in the courtyard.  It’s the smell of Bird freedom and way too much of it.  They have been free to poop all weekend long.  Great masses of it piled up on every surface.  Baked in the high heat and humidity of the Virginia July.  Then a light rain this morning.  Not enough to wash it away, just enough to set off the fermentation.

The stench is unbelievable.

There are already crews hard at work washing it away, but all they are doing is scrubbing it with water and losening it up.  They aren’t hosing it into the storm drains.  That would be bad for the environment and waste water, which is rare 2000 miles away in California.  Optics and all.

So.  We live with it until the next big thunderstorm.


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