Binge Watching: Sons of Anarchy

I can’t do it any more.  I’m done.

Over the weekend, I rebinged the entire 6th season.  Then started the 7th season to see what happened after Tara’s murder.   Everything went from bad to worse.  unlike most Hollywood offerings with ambiguous morality, there is not a single person left in this series I can relate to.  I want all of them to die.

The Lead character has jumped the tracks.  Jax needs to be hit by a UPS truck at an intersection and die on his way to the hospital.

All the other gang characters need to die from overdoses and drinking antifreeze.   I can’t even believe the story lines anymore.  They are just too out of the park.  The entire progress of this series has been about the interactions of various gangs.  But they kill each other so often that no rational gang leader would ever trust a rival to meet and buy or sell guns and drugs from them in any substantial quantities.  Any large amount og money present is an invitation to ambush/murder/theft.    Guns should be delivered one at a time and paid for one at a time.  Drugs should be transacted in Centigrams, not Kilos.

There is not a single character in that show I want to see left alive or that I can even hope will die in his/her sleep.

Despite multiple attempts, I just can’t get through it.  No more.  I don’t even like the cops.  This show even makes prisons look unrealistically violent and prone to male-on-male rape.  Im not a totalle sheltered child.  I know stuff like that happens and I know prisons are violent places.  Just one more reason why I would not want to go there.    But come on.  At some point, the state incurs an obligation to institute policies for prisoner safety, even if that means every single prisoner is in solitary confinement when not in group observation.


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