A few notes on the Iran “Deal”

1.  The President of the United States does not have the authority to make “deals” with foreign nations.  Of course, Presidents have done so in the past and will continue to do so in the future.  But any “deal” with a foreign nation is defacto a “treaty” under article 2 of the Constitution and must be ratified by 2/3 of the Senate or it is noting but hot air.

2.  The current deliberations by congress over this “deal” are meaningless and pointless and futile.  Is there another synonym for futile that I have missed?   It would also apply here.  The Deal is going to happen no matter what congress does.  So, posturing my politicians against it, public demonstrations and lobby groups asking you to “call congress and tell them how you feel” are also futile and empty gestures.  it is nothing but venting so you can feel you tried.  Any politician involved in this, including all your favorites, are cynically patting you on the  head while the grown ups run the government.

3.  This cannot be undone.  Once the sanctions are lifted, Iran gets all the money.  If a later congress re-imposes sanctions, we do not get that money back.  It is instantly going to fund Hamas, Hizbollah and Quds Brigade.  I suspect a few billion will find it’s way into the Clinton Foundation treasury too.

4.  There is no “purse strings” option for congress.  The money in this case comes from Iranian frozen assets, not congressional spending authority.

5.  There is no possibility of impeaching Obama or any of his minions.  Without that possibility, the Obama administration is above the law.  There are no checks and balances.

6.  The only thing possible is for the Republicans to go scortched earth on everything the obama administration wants for the rest of his term.  And not a single congress man or Senator has the spine, inclination or stones to do it.  What scortched earth would look like:  instead of ten or 11 annual spending bills, break it up into about 30, so each department is standing on it’s own for presidential veto purposes.  Pass the essential first:  Social security and medicare.  Then go for deep cuts in the inconsequential boutique parts of the budget.  Nothing for NPR, Nothing for univerity research grants. Nothing for HUD.  Nothing for EPA. Then dare Obama to veto them, knowing those agencies get shut down, and ONLY those agencies get shut down.  The default position on a spending bill is not “you get what you had last year”.  The default position on spending bills is, “if this doesn’t pass, you get nothing”.


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2 Responses to A few notes on the Iran “Deal”

  1. Old NFO says:

    Concur… But no balls to actually DO that… sigh


  2. patrick kelly says:

    “5. There is no possibility of impeaching Obama or any of his minions. Without that possibility, the Obama administration is above the law. There are no checks and balances.”

    Yes, this 1000x…is true for all presidents…

    Scorched earth would make me eat a lot of profane and critical words about the Republicans…..yet I would gladly do it if they would….not that they care….


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