Vets die while waiting for VA care

So. Freaking. What.

I saw this at a few places.  Free North Carolina.

I already posted about this here.

I will add a few other important points.

Do you know who dies in the USA?

Old people.  Specifically, old people with incurable diseases.  And old people with curable, but invasive diseases, where the cures will kill the patients too, like cancer.  If you live long enough, you WILL get cancer.  Old people have lived that long.  They didn’t used to. But now almost everyone does.

Do you know who most VA patients are?   Old people.  Specifically sick old people.

Do the math.

It is a mathematical certainty that sick old people will die because they are both sick and old.  It has NOTHING to do with the unarguably inept care they may or may not get from the federal government.

If you really want to make the point the authors and auditors are trying to make:

1.  Do a case by case investigation of every single VA patient and potential patient over a period of years.

2.  Specifically, track why the patient presented at the VA.

3.  Compare that to what the patient eventually died of.

4.  Further compare if the condition was uncurable, even if the VA gave them platinum access cards.

5.  Finally, do a prognosis analysis of each patient for continued life even if the patient was succesfully treated.  Hint:  WW2 ended 70 years ago.  Every Vet who participated in WW2 is now over 90.  If one of them had a failing kidney and you gave them a brand new one from the kidney factory (not one of those crappy rebuilt ones from China), the patient is STILL over 90 and has a life expectancy of less than 1 year.  It is very likely, he will die before his next scheduled followup appointment and it is not the VA’s fault.

You will discover that this statistic of people dying while waiting for VA treatment is meaningless.

The VA is a cold, heartless, bloated bureaucracy.  It is inefficient, wasteful and mismanaged.  It is the model of what government managed health care looks like and should have been the poster child for Obamacare when congress was discussing it.  Every voter should have said, “when you fix the VA for vets, then the rest of us will want some of that”.  Fixing the VA should include shutting it down entirely, firing every employee, tearing down all the buildings, selling all the medical devices and surplus to hospitals in Africa,  and turning the lands into nice parks.

Vets’ health care is not very well understood.  There is no reason why any veteran should expect lifetime free health care from the government.  What a vet should expect is that illnesses and injuries done while in service will be dutifully cared for by the taxpayers.  The taxpayers can best do that with medicare/medicade/ or even Blue Cross.

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6 Responses to Vets die while waiting for VA care

  1. , “when you fix the VA for vets, then the rest of us will want some of that”. Fixing the VA should include shutting it down entirely, firing every employee, tearing down all the buildings, selling all the medical devices and surplus to hospitals in Africa, and turning the lands into nice parks.

    Just talked to a doctor about this the other day which was interesting in that her husband, a Marine officer, had mentioned the same to her. It would save money by simply farming out vets to private doctors. It takes all day (7 hours) to go to the VA in Durham from here and the VA gives me $120 for travel which doesn’t pay for everything, but more than the gas. A doctor would take that $120 for an office visit here.


    • No One says:

      And do a better job

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      • There were 8 people in the operating room when I underwent my surgery, , 3 ENT doctors , 2 interns and 3 nurses. Afterwards they said it went beautifully only losing about a coke can full of blood. I woke up in the middle of the night a few days later, thought I was going to cough to death, but a piece of gauze that they left in fortunately popped out. All they did was blush when I showed it to them and i imagine that if I had choked to death, it would have been covered up.


      • No One says:

        unskilled doctors who graduate at the bottom of their class need to practice somewhere too.


  2. Katia V says:

    Even elderly people with fatal diseases deserve pain/nausea relief and treatments that mitigate symptoms like shortness of breath . Many cancers are a chronic condition and with proper treatment lots of cancer patients live 5 to 20 years. Kidney disease is often controllable long term with meds and diet. And all VA patients are not old. Perhaps you haven’t heard of Afghanistan and Iraq where many soldiers lost limbs, had traumatic brain injuries and developed PTSD? The VA may not be the best but for some of them it’s all they’ve got and it’s at least as good as Britain’s NHS. As to whether vets should expect lifetime free health from the government it’s what they were promised when they signed up. If they don’t want them to expect it, they shouldn’t promise it. And since they made the promise, they should keep it.


    • No One says:

      Katia, thanks for visiting. You are missing the point od the article and my post. The headline is about people dying while waiting. It implies they are dying BECAUSE they are not getting timely care. My point is that there is no evidence to support that implication. Most VA patients are elderly. The overwhelming majority who are dying are elderly. The things you said are mostly true but not relevant to either the story or my post.


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