CIV V Update

I play lots of games on my Home PC.  I’m a gamophile.  Many times, after not playing a game for several years, I will dust it off and reinstall it and play it again.  Such is the case with CIV V.

One of the things I look for in this game is what the other players are doing (computer AI).   I don’t bother listening to their denunciations or pledges of undying friendship.  I watch their troops.  When I see their troops cluster on my border, I know they are preparing to attack me and they are only waiting for some optimal setting of 1’s and 0’s in the computer matrix to start.  So, when I see this condition, I know it is time for me to start moving my own forces into the area.  I can see it is time to shift production into military units at the expense of infrastructure. Not because I want war, but because I can see it coming whether I want it or not.  And since there is no penalty for striking first, if I achieve an advantage, I will strike first.

As the Isrealies look at the map this morning, I wonder if they think they can take a few more years to get ready, of if they feel the need to strike now while the elements are in their favor.  I suspect they can see what is coming.  And I suspect they can guess when it is coming and when the clock runs out.

In CIV V, you can win by conquest, scientific advancement, or diplomacy.  Winning by diplomacy is the sucker’s game.  All you have to do is get a lot of money and buy the smaller city states’ votes in the UN.  Just like real life.  Winning by conquest is harder because it could take ten years of came play time to build a force, another ten years to ship it to a foreign land and another 5 years to conquer a single enemy city.

It seems to me, that Kerry thinks there is such a thing as a diplomatic victory in real life.  A point at which the game is over and you win because you made the most “deals” with enemies and “frenimies”.    But in real life that is not the case.  Each diplomatic deal that does not strengthen you, makes you weaker for an enemy that is not playing the diplomatic game.  Their purpose in diplomacy is to neuter you in their upcoming ground campaign.  It is certainly coming.

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2 Responses to CIV V Update

  1. Steve_in_CA says:

    “Their purpose in diplomacy is to neuter you in their upcoming ground campaign.”
    It’s been said “Diplomacy is the act of saying nice doggie, until you find a large stick.”


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