Jews Flee Oppression in France

Vox Day (not Vox the liberal website) posts today on the topic “is it time for Jews to leave France”.  He concludes that it is.

I have an opposing view:  Don’t flee.  ARM.

Arming yourself and being prepared to defend your blood by spilling the other guy’s blood is the only historically proven strategy.  Flight is temporary at best.

1.  Israel itself is proof of this.  Many Jews fled Europe in the years before WW2.  many were turned away.   Israel exists because they did NOT flee.  They stood their ground in that one place and fought to keep it.  And so they are there even to this day.

2.  The Christian and Sunni minorities in the ISIS-held areas of Syria and Iraq are fleeing.  In their attempts to flee, they are being caught and killed, tortured, raped, or placed into slavery.  The Kurds, on the same area, FIGHT BACK.  There are more than enough Iraqis and Syrians to overwhelm ISIS, even without training, funding or heavy military weapons.  It is a simple matter of numbers.

3.  There is no reason for any nation to accept refugees from any other nation.  Tell them to go home and fight for their freedom.   If they are unwilling to pay any price for their freedom, then why should we give it to them for free?  If we stopped accepting immigrant refugees and forced them to go home and fight, the world would be a better place because there would be fewer dictators living to ripe old ages.

4.  Look around.  All that bad stuff happening in other countries.  Telling them to go home and fight in their own land is almost futile when they have no access to arms.  I am not suggesting we provide them.  I am suggesting they value their own security enough to buy arms themselves.   I am also suggesting that if some day we become refugees in our own land and some other well meaning people shuts their borders to us, we should not be found empty-handed when we are admonished to fight for our own lands.

5.  Arms ownership, is a cornerstone of freedon, liberty, and protection from oppression.  The only purpose any agency has in depriving you of arms, is that they also intend to deprive you of your liberty and they don’t want you fighting back.

So.  JEWS in Europe, learn from history.  Now is not the time to flee.  Now is the time to arm.  Non-Jews in France.  The same goes for you.  At least the Jews have someplace to flee to.  Where will you go when the yoke of Islamic oppression becomes too heavy?  How will you fight back if you are unwilling to even close your borders to invasion?  How will you fight back if you don’t trust yourselves to own and carry weapons?  You will be fresh meat for the Jihadis with their long knives.



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