Defending Bill Cosby

Someone has to do it.

1.  I stipulate in advance that giving drugs to women and then having sex with them is a sleazy practice.  Under today’s standards it is considered rape in most jurisdictions.

2.  Back when he did it, it was not considered rape.

3.  He is not alleged to have drugged anyone without their knowledge and willing participation.

4.  He give women qualudes, a sedative that was popular for its recreational uses back in the 70’s.  Cosby would have known this.  So would his “partners”.  In addition to sedation, it causes increased sexual arousal.   So, it’s not a “date rape” drug like Roofies.  It is a date sex enhancement drug.  That is how Cosby used it.

5.  This is exactly like men buying drinks for women in every bar in the country and serving them drinks in homes.  Everyone knows that alsohol lowers inhibitions and relaxes responses to stimulation.  If it were not for this, men wouldn’t buy drinks for women and women wouldn’t drink them.  The only difference between what Cosby did, and what 90% of all other American men did (with the willing participation of 90% of American women) is the choice of drug.

6.  Under modern standards, a woman is considered to not have given consent if she is intoxicated or otherwise incapable of making good choices for herself.  This automatically puts 50% of all women between the ages of 14 and 65 into the category of “rape victim” all the time since they are self medicating, or otherwise crazy enough to not be responsible for their own behavior.

7.  Cosby was a full participant in the excesses of his generation, using the toys they used back then.  It wasn’t a crime.

8.  Removing his old programs from TV programming is supposed to punish him, but he was just one actor, paid to appear in those shows.  He wasn’t the owner.  Without looking into the details of his contracts, it is not possible to know how much he will be punished of if show removals is strictly symbolic and punishes some corporation.


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One Response to Defending Bill Cosby

  1. Thorgeir Lawspeaker says:

    Well said. Our current societal choice of targets for all-out loopy moral panic is nothing if not amusing.


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