What to Do about Iran

Iran sucks.  They really do.  But what have our sanctons against them accomplished?  The only thing I can recall is it makes them buy F-14 and F-4 parts from Israel.  After those Jews mark up the prices, THAT really punishes the Iranians.  The French, Russians, and Chinese still trade with them on a host of products.

We don’t want them to get an atomic bomb.  But we can’t really stop them.  You can’t stop the signal.  If they can’t make their own from scratch, they can always buy one.  If they were willing to buy an inferior and “never had a successful test” model, they could easily get one from North Korea.

So, here is what I recommend:

1.  Eventually we will lift sanctions.  When we do, we will have to give them back all the money we froze back in the 70’s.  Most of it has already been given back and no one really knows how much is remaining.  The Iranians claim it is 10 Billion dollars.  That amount is still frozen pending the outcome of multiple lawsuits against Iran from victims of terrorist activities.  This is just stupid.  Those activities by Iran were 10-30 years ago.  It takes an unimaginably stupid court to drag their feet this long unless they were taking a cut from the bag too.  Wrap up those settlements and pay the claims.  THEN divide up whatever is left among all the US servicemen and Iraqi soldiers who were killed or wounded by Iranian built IEDs.  (we know with certainty which those are).  You can have a judge detemine a fair payout so that severely disabled and dead get more than “John Kerry sized” wounds.  Once the accounts are drained, lift the sanctions and deliver the accounts to the Iranians.  Settled.

2.  Give them the bomb.  It’s not like we don’t have enough to share.  It would probably only take one to satisfy their hunger and then they will never want another one.  We gave Japan two and 70 years later they still don’t want another one.  Deliver it to their own storage site once we suspect they have a model near to completion.  Then do a lot of “tsk-tsk-ing” and talking about how those silly Iranians shouldn’t have tried to build one themselves.  make them think they blew themselves up.   Do it on a Jewish holiday when everyone in Israel is gone for the day so they don’t get blamed.  And let’s not be stingy about it.  Give them 5.  Be sure to warn the Russians too about all the “chatter” you are getting from the Iranian spy network how they have 5 bombs ready to deploy and how they are hiding them in secret facilities in the middle of their 5 largest cities.  Putin is smart enough to understand the real deal, but I think he can keep his mouth shut.  Just remind him that his country is right accross the border when it comes to all those reconstruction contracts.  Besides, if he were in our shoes, he would have nuked them decades ago.  It will make him smile to see us start acting like manly men again.


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  1. Old NFO says:

    That sounds like a plan… 🙂


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