Living it up

I hope you all realize that we are living in that sweet spot in civilization after something gets really good and before it gets really bad.  I’m talking about the internet.  Free information at the tips of your fingers.  Huge volumes of data, plenty of useful search tools.  FREE.

It is only a matter of time before we screw it up.

1.  Government mandating bandwidth “fairness”.

2.  Government mandated “politeness rules of conduct and terms of service”.

3.  Absurd overreach in the area of intellectual property.  For example, Ford demanding all videos on Youtube showing how to fix Fords be taken down and then Ford dealerships putting up their own videos behind a paid subscriber portal.

4.  Absurd overreach on privacy rights, like demanding that other people are not allowed to link to your web sites or do screen captures of your sites when you do stupid shit and they then use those captures to make fun of your stupidity… for the rest of time.

5.  Pay by the Byte for access.

All of these things have been tried in small forms and I fully expect all of them to return in full scale.  It will bleed the internet dry of all its fun and utility.  Then maybe we will see competitor internets instead of this “one size accesses all” approach.  Like back in the days of the 1200 Baud modem connecting to your AOL or Compuserve “networks”  and their specialized shopping pages each with 50 vendors and a travel agent.

Things were more secure though when I could do on-line banking to my bank, by calling them directly at their dial-in number.  No Chinese hackers packet sniffing on that line.

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