Masters of IT strike again

While I was away on vacation, the overlords of our IT department decided this woould be a good time to update our MS office suite from Office 2010 to Office 2013.   Nothing looks or works the same.  My years of experience knowing how to use outlook, excel, and powerpoint just got flushed down the memory hole.  And all the scripts I wrote in the past year don’t work now because the new version doesn’t have ANY of the reference libraries in it, and the button to install them is grayed out (IT doesn’t want anyone installing “libraries”, whatever those are).

Did we get any warning that this would happen?  No.

Do we have any option to keep the old version?  Absolutely not.

Are there any work-arounds?  I don’t give a shit any more.  Working here is futile.

Was there anything wrong with the old version?  Nope.

Will using the new version give us ANY benefit whatsoever?  None that I can see.




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