Govt was right about terror threat

The terrorist threat in my neighborhood was indeed high.  I wrote previously about how they had set up a propane bomb in my back yard.  I repaired it and armored it to prevent it from happening again.

On July 4, it happened again.  They used their little hands to push the PVC joints apart and again gnawed through the gas hose.  This causes all the gas to leak out while no one was there.  I changed tanks and heard that hissing sound of a big gas leak, before attempting to light it.

Now I am thinking LOTS of duct tape.  Or auto-aiming gattling lasers in the 5MW range.


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7 Responses to Govt was right about terror threat

  1. Og says:

    I have some stainless braided sleeving you can slip over the outside and hose clamp in place. Send me an email and I’ll get a couple feet in the mail for you.


  2. Og says:

    You can just buy propane hose. I don’t know if it has a different property than other hose. Propane attacks some rubber- though not as much as the squirls. Keeping it all coated with hot sauce helps.


    • No One says:

      I thought coating it with 1/8 inch of PVC would help. The little bastards are persistent. I suspect they are huffing. So, it;’s not really their fault. They have a sickness. They need counseling and understanding.


  3. Og says:

    The type of understanding that cacan best be experienced through the proper application of high voltage.


  4. A Claymore? 🙂


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