This just in… Sky appears to not be falling

Of course, the sky might be falling, but it is made of air, so we wouldn’t feel it if it fell on us, so maybe it is.

1.  The SCOTUS gay marriage decision is not an indication that the USA is no longer God’s favorite country.  I can tell you with relative certainty that the number of people committing sin in the USA is relatively the same as it was yesterday.  Further, most of the Gays who want to get married, already did.  So, no worries people.  God is still as much on our side as he was last year at this time.

2.   WRT all of the Supreme court decisions you didn’t like this year… you know who you have to blame:  Republicans in the Senate.  They let Sotomayor and Kagan get appointed when they had the power to stop it.  They KNEW this would happen and they let it.  This is classic scorpion/frog dynamics.

3.  So much effort in our government to appease such a small minority over a symbolic victory at best.  It’s not as if anyone would ever be forced, based on this to conduct a service against their religious convictions, or to bake a cake, or to rent a room to a homosexual couple, or let them have a float in their parade.  Nope.  Nothing like that would EVERY happen.  So, everyone is safe.  What’s all the whining about.

4.  I don’t know any gay people (that I know of), but if I did, and they wanted a meaningless, unenforceable, mock covenant ceremony with their gay partner, where they spend their own money, why should I care?  It wouldn’t be the first time marriage as we knew it was mocked.

5.  Marriage to some people is a strictly religious observance.  To other people, it is strictly a civil one.  But to most people, it is a confusing mixture of both because Americans are illiterate, uneducated and deliberately ignorant of their own society.  Their parents, teachers, and churches deliberately keep their children in the dark about all these things and expect them to “find their own way”.  So marriage becomes nothing more significant than a fancy dress party, followed by massive disappointment, divorce and a second go at it a few years later. The state is absolutely in control of the civil aspect of marriage.  That’s why churches cant and don’t issue their own licenses.

6.  To me, the real heartburn in all this is the process.  The 5-4 decision is not a clear win for anyone.  It is a tie.  If 9 of the finest legal minds in the country can’t agree on what the law says, what are the rest of us supposed to do?  So many of the court decisions are 5-4 decisions.  those decisions are often not just a little bit off but 180 degrees different.  What is the point of law school if not to teach lawyers, who then become judges, a single standard for READING the law.  Any law that can be upheld or rejected on a 5-4 vote isn’t much of a law.  It demonstrated neither clear moral superiority nor the finest legal minds producing a more well-ordered society.  I really miss the days when the Supreme court used to strike down laws because they were vague.  That would have killed Obamacare at 300 yards.


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One Response to This just in… Sky appears to not be falling

  1. Old NFO says:

    5-4 just means somebody got to the swing judge… Sigh… It’s not a win for ANYBODY!


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