YAY! Supreme Court Fixes America.

Finally!  Gay people can get married everywhere in America just like heterosexual people, and like gay people who pretended to be heterosexual, and like Bisexual people, who are mostly heterosexual but sometimes gay.

The really good news in this turd sandwich that we all get to eat:  The GLBT groups finally have everything they wanted.  So there is no reason for them to exist anymore.  Now they can all close up shop.  It’s probaby too late to get their leases cancelled this month, but eventually they will save a fortune in leases, staff, office supplies and lobbyists.

Smell that sweet-sweet smell of victory.

Just like how all the civil rights organizations STFU and went home after they got the civil rights act of 1964.

They are probably still too shocked about their victory to tweet their plans to close up right now.  Give them a few days to think about it.

Also, there is now no reason for any state to issue marriage licenses or to recognize any private relationship analogous to marriage.  The Supreme court issued a very broad opinion that will absolutely be used by anyone who wants to have any sort of fringe style marriage legitimized.  Mutliples and groups will be considered “tame”.  Also look for term marriages, and self marriages (for women who are too fat, stupid, poor, crazy, and ugly to attract any gender of partner).

Finally, Obama can stop being a bastard son and be a legitimate son.


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