Presidential Campaign Rollup, 17 June 2015

Only 17 more months until the next Presidential election.  That is nowhere near enough time to learn about all these candidates.  Especially since all we are going to learn about them is the trivia that the national news media thinks we need to know, including whatever the opposition research team (TM) leaks to the media.

I just saw a very depressing feature about what young people think.  Dear God in Heaven, young people are particularly dense.  We really do need to move the voting age back to 21.  At least 21.

For instance, did you know that over half of young people favor putting boots on the ground in Iraq to fight ISIS?  Not their own boots of course.  Those same young people are not lining up down at their local Army recruiter’s office.

What do young white women thing are the most important issues facing America?  Police racism, the environment, and gay marriage.  Where could they have gotten the idea that those are the most important issues?  Maybe from their liberal arts college professors who all seem to specialize in those subjects.

What do I think are the real important issues facing our nation?

1.  Out of control government.  There is too much regulation.  Activists are using the power of unlimited government to strip liberty from Americans every day.  I used to use the 1.6 gallon per flush toilet as an example of a federal government that was out of control but today this is one of the more benign things your federal government does to you.  In the hands of activists, Americans are going to starve to death because activists don’t like commercial farms and want to restrict the water they use.  They want to impose unmerited standards to force us to buy ethanol so arable land is used to grow wasted corn instead of food.   They won’t let us use cheap and effective bug spray so people will die of bug transmitted diseases (again).  They will wipe away all the progress a hundred years ago controlling diseases like Yellow fever and Malaria.  They literally regulate every human behavior and activity and anything they don’t like, they stop dead.  Our economy cannot produce under these conditions.  The people we elect have the power to control government regulation.  They can throttle it back or they can let it run wild.

2.  Immigration.  Not just illegal immigration.  All immigration.  There are too many immigrants.  If immigration were a net positive thing for America, we wouldn’t care if they were illegal either.  It would just be more of a good thing.  It is not good at all.  The only reason to have a policy on immigration is to benefit the current citizens of the USA.  Not to benefit any narrow class of citizens called “big businesses”.  Not to benefit a narrow class of citizens called “career politicians”.  And certainly not to benefit the citizens of other countries, no matter how terrible conditions there are.  America belongs to the Americans.  It should be run for OUR benefit and safeguarded for the benefit of our posterity.

Everything else is political theater to distract you from what is important.

Let’s look at the candidates:

Graham.  Wants a war with Russia.  Not addressing 1 or 2.  Wants more immigration, but under his control.  Wrong direction on 1 and 2.  I don’t even care that he is gay.  It would be a positive not having a First lady for a few years.  But he indicates he will let his lady friends and relatives act as first lady, which indicates he doesn’t understand that the First Lady is not an actual job.  No one NEEDS to do it.

Bush.  Wrong direction on 1 and 2.

Cruz.  Right direction on 1. Neutral on 2.

Trump.  Not a serious candidate.  He is only running to increase his own brand recognition.  He has no intention of staying in the race so nothing he says really matters.  His remark about making Mexico pay for a great wall demonstrates this.  The American President has no authority to MAKE Mexico do anything and he isn’t so gifted a negotiator to convince them to do it on their own.  If he were, he already could have, and he hasn’t.

Perry.  Wrong direction on 1. Not clear he would do anything on 2.   Complaining as a governor is not the same thing as demonstrating what he would do as president.  Talk about walls and fences are just one part of the problem.  The problem is immigrants, not how they got here.  If his policy does not include enforcing our laws and expelling immigrants and refusing to allow more, then he is going the wrong direction on 2.

Hillary.  DUH!  she is the Democratic nominee.  The other two candidates are just sho horses so she can claim to have won the nomination instead of it being another gift that was handed to her by party insiders.  She will continue to fast track both issues in the wrong direction.

Rubio.  Neutral on 1, wrong direction on 2.

Paul.  Stealth RINO candidate.  Wrong direction on 1 and 2.  It is only amazing you don’t see McConnell’s hand up his ass making his lips move to speak.

Carson, Fiorina, Huckabee, Santorum, Pataki.  None of them are serious candidates.  They are running for their own ego.  They have no ability to actually BE a president and control the largest bureaucracy ever created.  They just want to be the king (queen).  When you listen to them speak you hear them ramble about how bad things are and how bad Hillary would be.  But nothing about how they would be any different.


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2 Responses to Presidential Campaign Rollup, 17 June 2015

  1. Slick Willy says:

    Well said. By your analysis, Ted Cruz is the best of bad choices, subject to the evolution of the race itself. I suspect Cruz is courting the Latino vote by keeping quiet about Immigration policy for now; in the past I have heard him say some very interesting things on that topic that would move him to positive.

    However, what he says while running for the Texas Senate seat and what he does as President may not have more than a passing resemblance!

    I am still looking for the dark horse candidate who comes out of nowhere to energize enough voters to get us back to where we were 20 years ago (which still is not good, just better)… like Obummer did for the demo-rats. I know, not holding my breath…


    • No One says:

      i remember feeling that way in the last two elections. dark horse never showed. thus likely what you see is what you get. choose early and work to get your favorite elected. waiting for a savior (when none is promised) is a self defeating strategy.


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