Hillary is Hillary

I saw this headline this morning.

Hillary Charged Kid’s Charity $200,000 For Speech

But it isn’t true.  This is a failure to understand just what the dynamic going on here is.

No one will pay Hillary Clinton to speak.  She has nothing to say that anyone wants to hear.  This is graft, corruption, bribery and squeeze.  The Kid’s Charity WANTS to give Hillary $200,000 and have to put up with listening to her for an hour as the price of giving it to her.  They are buying her influence with that money.  They are likely hoping she will look favorably on them in the future and maybe send some of her foundation bucks their way.

This is just like all those books Congressmen write (and Hillary’s own books for that matter, and Obama’s books).  They are just excuses for people to bribe them legally.  They buy a few cases of books.  The books go into the recycle bin or get sent to liberal friends as gifts for holidays.  But no one reads them.  They are just money laundering tokens.  But the Clintons got tired of having to actually get people to write books for them in order to collect the massive and unfounded advances.  So they created the speech gig.  Now all the money locked away in university endowments and publicly traded corporations are now available to them.


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