Skyrim Update (UPDATED)

Level 49.  At this point, I am nearly indestructable in my Legendary Dragon armor that I made myself.  I also have more money than I could ever use not to mention a huge stockpile of special arms and armor I could sell as well as jewels, potions, scrolls and ingredients.  I seriously have no reason to pick up anything any more when questing except it has become a habit and each new shiny thing is just to nice to leave behind.  I wish this game had some sort of market where I could dump this stuff or even a Good Will to give it to.

The Dog I bought is practically useless and it is annoying as hell.  I figured a war dog would be a little quieter when I am sneaking up on someone.  Nope.  This thing constantly barks just to remind me he is there.  And he has nothing like the dialog range that the dog or even the robots in Fallout3 had.  So, when the daughter (in the game) noticed I had him and asked if she chould keep him, it was an easy choice.

The horses are just plane silly.  Every time I get off them, they wander away.  There is no way to tie them to a location.   And they die really fast if they get attacked by bears and such.

Look at me on my Zombie Horse.  I picked up the spirit horse while questing.  Now I can call him any time I want and make him carry me.  Totally beats a real horse.  But my built in Anthropomorphic subroutine clicks in.  I know he can’t be happy.  His previous owner described him as very loyal and deserving a better end.  I wish there was some way I could release him from his other-worldly torment.

Now that I am lord of the dragons, can I please stop killing them?  Seriously.  I have plenty of dragon bones and scales.  I have learned every Dragon word I can find and unlocked them.  And I have another 20 dragon souls saved up for the future.   I feel bad about killing them. Why can’t I use my new found dragon powers to make the surviving dragons go live their lives on some far away mountain peaks and trouble no one any more?  And why do I need 30 dragon shouts?  The first 5 or so were cool.  Breathing fire and dragon rend and dragon aspect were all pretty useful.  But the rest are just boring.

I have two dragons waiting at my beck and call to come fight for me.  But I can’t find any bad guys worth using them on.  They can only come to outdoor combats.  All the major bad guys are indoors.  And since I am level 49, nothing lives long enough for me to need a dragon to fight it.  I suppose I could use a random dragon as a flying horse to recon and map the rest of the world for new locations to explore, especially mountain tops.


OK.  I captured a dragon to ride him.  The stupid thing just flies in circles.  Can’t control him to go anywhere.  What was the point of this?  Yay!  I have a dragon to fly on.  But it won’t take me anywhere.

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