Game of Thrones Update (UPDATED!) (Now with Updates)

I missed last night’s episode (playing Skyrim).  Except for the last 5 minutes.  I saw Jon take a knife in the guts.  Then another.  And another.  That’s going to leave a mark.  The last book was a bit ambiguous on Jon’s final fate, but the HBO series leaves no doubt.  Jon is dead.  That sort of kills all this speculation.  There isn’t going to be any Lord Snow leading the Defense of Westeros against the Ice Zombies.  Nor will he be riding a dragon with his sister-bride Targerian.

Now his only hope to contribute to the plot is if he comes back from the dead (not a total impossibility in this story).  Thus he will be the character no one can trust because his loyalties keep shifting.  First Crow, then Wild, and now Blue blood.  Maybe he will be the Locutus of Ice Wraith and be forced to use his vast knowledge of the world of men against the living.

This all may be a clever plot by the Stark family to kill off the Boltons by infiltrating Winterfell as corpses one at a time and then springing back to life when no one is watching.

I want the wolves to play a bigger role.  There was supposed to be something special about them in the story line.  I am totally dissatisfied to see them get the “box of puppies” treatment where everyone is excited about them for a month or two and then they get distracted by other things (like their dad getting his head cut off, Oldest brother getting his head cut off, youngest sister disappearing, and two younger brothers thought to be beheaded and burned but really just lost in the wilderness).  MORE WOLVES, DAMNIT!


(UPDATE)  OK.  I finally watched the whole episode.  The HBO series is continuing to diverge from the books.  I wonder if GRR Martin will have to try to edit his books to reflect the screenplay or if they are just agreeing to disagree at this point.  In any case, some loose ends are getting tied up.

1.  The war of 5 kings is finally at an unsatisfactory end.  The whole point of it was to get rid of the Lanister pretenders to the Throne.  Five kings that participated in the war are all now dead.  No winners.  And once more, with Winter comming, the land is pillaged and the thousands of able men are slaughtered without helping in any meaningful way with the harvest.  The last book left this thread open with the Armies bogged down in snow outside Winterfell.

2.  Milisandre has been proven spectactularly wrong.  She backed the wrong horse in Stanis.  Now Stanis and his whole line is dead.  Renly is Dead. so, other than a few bastards that got away, the entire line of Barratheon is gone.  But she did make it back to Castle Black.  And now she seems to be useful again.  There is Jon, unable to resist her this time, and surrounded in all that royal blood.  Looks like he might come back from the dead after all and not with the help of the White Walkers.  Good thing they didn’t burn him.  He will probably have to fight to get his stuff back.  I can’t imagine that valuable sword was just left there to rust.  I wonder if they will re-elect him as Lord again, or if he takes his first death as the fullfilment of his obligation of his oath and heads South to take over being King.

3.  The Lanister daughter never really had much of a role in this series.  Now she is dead so we aren’t bored with her inconsequential adventures in the South Land and all the side plots about Sand Vipers.

4.  Dragon girl is carried off by her dragon and deposited in the grassy sea.  The Dothraki show up in large numbers, from out of nowhere.  And she didn’t hear those million horses making the Earth tremble.  But she is surrounded by savages again, with no body guard, no unsullied, and no dragons.   As the camera pans away we see the huge volume of CGI generated Dothraki going far into the distance.   This is just stupid.  Those horses have to EAT something.  There isn’t enough grass in Kansas to feed that many horses for a week.  And what do the people eat?  Horses?  Horse cheese?  Horse blood?  It would take rivers of water for the horses and there are none shown.  Horses spend most of their days grazing because their digestive system is terribly inefficient.  They have to eat huge amounts of grass every day just to keep their body weight up.  GRR Martin and the screenwriters obviously have no eye for logistics.

5.  The Imp is trying to run the city.  His only loyal force are the Unsullied.  But this whole season, we have watched the Unsullied die in one ambush after another.  How many could they possibly have left?  At this point, I would say that the city is lost and the only way to restore order is scorched Earth.  She tried being their liberator.  She tried forgiving them. She even tried marrying one of them.  She gave them back their blood sports.   None of it worked.  They still rebelled.  Screw them.  Make a pile of burning bodies so high that the next city over will get the message.  When the little girl offers you peace, TAKE IT.

6.  I thought nothing could make Cercei Lanister a sympathetic character but I was wrong.  The Sparrows are worse.  Again, another situation where scorched Earth is the obvious solution.  There is no way she should let any of them continue breathing.  She has already done far worse to people who did far less.   And for her age and having given birth to three kids, she is still smoking.  She needs to make common cause with the Queen and take out some hot and spicy vengeance, to go.

7.  Haven’t seen Bran for a while.  And his younger brother is seen even less.

8.  Aria got her revenge against the guy who chopped off her dad’s head.  Good on her.  But seriously, that was a counter-intuitive fight.  A knight with a lifetime of martial training can’t take on a little girl in a brothel?  Even with a shiv in his eye, he still should have been able to land one good punch and that would have killed Aria.  But she is the only living character still worth liking in this whole stupid series.  She will probably die by slipping on a wet spot on the floor and cracking her skull.

9.  Wolf Count:   Starting with 6.  Sansa’s “Lady” is killed early in the first season by Ned “I kill my own dogs” Stark.  Then Aria drives hers away by throwing rocks at it.  So, there is a possibility it still lives.  In the book, we see it hunting and sharing dreams with the others.  Rob’s wolf gets his head cut off and sewn onto Rob’s body.  John’s “Ghost” wasn’t seen at his execution.  He may yet be alive.  Bran and Rickon’s wolves are alive and still with them.  So, 2 really “dead” dead.  3 known to be alive. 1 unknown status.


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