Windows 10 Update Update

Even though I pre-registered for the new Windows OS, Win 10, my current OS, Win 7 is still updating itself.  it downloaded another 9 updates just last night.  Jeeze, MS!  bandwidth isn’t free.  Your new OS rollout is only a few weeks away.  Can’t you put a hold on new patches until then?  There is a very high possibility that all of the existing operating systems will last that long even without new patches and all those patches will be futile in systems that are getting replaced by the new OS.

You can just archive the changes and upload them in July to any systems still using 7 by then.


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5 Responses to Windows 10 Update Update

  1. Old NFO says:

    I was wondering about that myself… EVERY day there are updates… sigh


  2. Heresolong says:

    Would be nice if they could have a monthly update with all the changes, but I suppose people would then have kittens because they didn’t fix a known problem in a timely manner.


    • No One says:

      It would also be nice if they had a downloadable single patch that incorporated all previous patches so if you had to reload your OS, you didn’t have to load and patch each previous patch one at a time. It is obvious that with so many patches, you are using bandwitdh to download items that will be overwritten in the next patch anyway.


  3. JN says:

    They have those. They call them service packs. However, they should have more of them.


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