A few thoughts on wars for fun and profit

I read this just a few minutes ago about an American who traveled to Syria to join the Kurdish forces in their fight against ISIL.  He died in combat (reportedly) recently.

My thoughts:

1.  How is this different than those poor deluded souls who go to Syria to fight on the side of ISIL?  Why does the US government try to stop one and take no notice of the other?  Or do they?  Perhaps they treat all of them equally but there are just too few of the Anti-ISIL to hit the radar.

2.  I envy this guy.  Not that he is dead and likely died violently and in great pain.  I envy that he was uncommitted to all those other things in life (family, work, obligations) and decided to use his freedom to go fight in some one else’s war.  There aren’t many people on the planet today who are like that.  But there are some.  And both this guy and all the sudden jihadis prove that there is an inherent genetic hard wired instruction that makes men want to go to war, just for the fun of it.  I am no longer in good physical shape, and was never so uncommitted that I could go off and do what I have always in my heart wanted to do, like this guy.  So I can only envy him.

3.  It would be helpful to see some of his letters home published so we can learn his real motivations instead of speculating.

4.  The comments make me weep.  So full of lack of understanding about the nature of the human condition, the nature of war, and the nature of what matters in life.  Examples:


“Keith Broomfield” died honorably, doing a job our government officials would not do. May he rest in peace.

Of course our government officials were unwilling to do this. Even if they were willing, it would be totally pointless for them to do it.  I suspect what he really means is, “He died doing something that our elected officials were unwilling to order other people to do and pay them by compelling taxes from other people who were also unwilling to go”.  Or something like that.  Government officials already have a full time job being government officials.  They don’t go fight wars, even when our country is at war.


Condolences to the family. This was a man who saw injustice and tried to right it with the courage of his convictions that evil must not triumph. Only a man of God lays down his life for his fellow man. Vaya con Dios

I suppose it hasn’t occurred to this woman that all those sudden Jihadis could say exactly the same thing about themselves.  We have no background information on this guy to suggest why he went to fight.  We don’t know if he had prior connections to the Kurds or just liked killing people.  Perhaps some underemployed “journalist” will investigate this in the coming weeks and write something to further their own career goals.  But at this point, we don’t have a clue why this guy was fighting ISIL.  He might have just been doing it for the money.  And I don’t mean to suggest that is an unworthy motive.  If it is good enough for everyone in the US Armed Forces since 1975, it is good enough for me.

As an aside, I think that this is the libertarian ideal of war.  An individual man, for reasons known only to himself and satisfied by the righteousness of those reasons, goes off to war.  Compelling none of his friends and neighbors to go with him or to help pay his expenses.  The government, neither lending support nor impeding his way.  I would personally like to see the resurgence of the mercenary companies of the old world reborn in the new world.  I would like to see wars fought by willing combatants on behalf of those who are unable, but not so unwilling that they are unwilling to pay the costs.  I think that this is another field of enterprise where Americans would excel.


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