June is LGBT pride month.

DoD is celebrating.  We are 16 billion short on our budget this year, but we have money for this.

L- Lesbian.  They are first because they are the most virulent and militant.

G- Gay.  Like Lesbian but also includes guys.

B- Bi sexual.  Will have sex with anyone and like it.  Why is this in the same group as the other two?  Since the first two groups are about preference, this group really doesn’t seem to fit.

Trans(sexual/vestite/gender)-  I don’t know which this is.  But these people are also not like the others here.  They are a sad group of mentally and emotionally damaged people who need treatment not encouragement.  And the treatment they need is psychological treatment to accept the reality of being what they are, not surgically mutilating them to resemble what they want to be.  I don’t know why the Gays and Lesbians allow these people to be in their group and by association cause the 98% straight population to think everyone in the LGBT group needs to be medicated.



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  1. How exciting……….:)


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