Stupid laws make Criminals of us All

Dennis Hastert, Former Speaker of the House of Representatives has been indicted on charges that only a tax lawyer can understand.

1. I see no wrong doing here.
2. It was his own money and he was giving it to someone of his own free will, for reasons that are no one else’s business.
3. The law he ran afoul of was created to help pinch drug smugglers and their huge cash transactions. No one is suggesting that Hastert was doing anything illegal with his own money. It was his money, already in his bank. He was withdrawing it to give it away to people of his own choosing.
4. I notice that the article never once mentions his party. Just a coincidence that former Republican big wigs get indicted on financial laws that no one understands? This happened recently to another big Republican (Tom Delay) with campaign finance where he moved moeny around from one group to another, just like EVERYONE does. But not everyone has a special prosecutor looking through their records to find stuff like this.
5. This is just one more case where the laws themselves are taking on a life of their own, and being used for purposes that they were never intended.
6. Perhaps congress shouldn’t pass laws that are so complicated that they can’t even understand them.


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11 Responses to Stupid laws make Criminals of us All

  1. The irony is that he is a victim of his own folly.

    On Oct. 24, 2001, then-House Speaker J. Dennis Hastert (R-Ill.) shepherded the Patriot Act through the House of Representatives. It passed 357 to 66, advancing to the Senate and then-President George W. Bush’s desk for signing.

    Hastert took credit for House passage in a 2011 interview, claiming it “wasn’t popular, and there was a lot of fight in the Congress” over it.

    Little did Hastert know at the time that the law he helped pass would give federal law enforcement the tools to indict him on charges of violating banking-related reporting requirements more than a decade later.

    The Department of Justice on Thursday announced Hastert’s indictment for agreeing to pay $3.5 million in hush money to keep someone quiet about his “prior misconduct.” The indictment accuses Hastert of structuring bank withdrawals to avoid bank reporting requirements, and lying to the FBI about the nature of the withdrawals. It does not reveal the “misconduct” that Hastert was trying to conceal. The recipient of the money was a resident of Yorkville, Illinois, where Hastert taught high school and coached wrestling from 1965 to 1981.

    The indictment suggests that law enforcement officials relied on the Patriot Act’s expansion of bank reporting requirements to snare Hastert. As the IRS notes, “the USA PATRIOT Act of 2001 increased the scope” of cash reporting laws “to help trace funds used for terrorism.” The Bank Secrecy Act of 1970, which was amended by the Patriot Act, had already required banks to report suspicious transactions.


    • No One says:

      Yep. Its not related to thd patriot act. It is related to obscure bank transaction law that make ordinary people report to the government any time they want to use their own money.


  2. “Yep. Its not related to thd patriot act. It is related to obscure bank transaction law that make ordinary people report to the government any time they want to use their own money.”

    Which was a direct result of the patriot act. The law may have already existed but the patriot act greatly expanded it.


  3. Hmmm, you think it’s leftist to not support the patriot act?


    • No One says:

      No. I think its leftist to try to tie old has been republicans to it in the same week it is being pushed for renewal by Obama and holderette. Just a coincidence. Riiiight.

      The laws from 1970 were more than able to trigger this same event. Patriot act is unrelated except when leftist media hacks force it to be related.


  4. By the way, this cracks me up…

    A totally non-threatening blog full of non-threatening opinions by a man who would never harm or threaten to harm anyone”

    Perfect in today’s PC culture.


  5. After looking at who’s running this story it looks like you’re right. They are all leftist rags, there was no link where I read it and there usually aren’t a lot of left wing talking points posted there.

    (failure of due diligence on my part)


  6. og says:

    Hastert was a high school wrestling coach Like most HS wrestling coaches he probably spent some time in what some people consider inappropriate activity. If a dem engaged in that activity it is only sex, and you’re a freak for pointing it out. Because it’s an R, he’s a criminal and it makes everything he ever did wrong because hypocrite.


  7. Slick Willy says:

    Wait… did we just have a discussion without throwing in any reference to race? I thought ALL topics were related to the race and bigotry of the parties (white ones, anyway) involved.

    Well, we can’t have this. Someone has to point out the elephant in the room.

    IF any minority was involved.. the answer is self evident.

    However, Hastert may or may not have perpetrated whatever acts he committed only on white people. It is to be assumed that these victims benefited in some way, since they did not rat him out (except for the one enterprising citizen to whom he paid millions, that is)

    But IF minorities were EXCLUDED from the benefits being a victim of Hastert’s ‘indiscretions,’ that makes him a (wait for it……)


    Gee, visiting the mindset of the race baiting crowd makes me feel scummy… now I need a shower!


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