Rights. That word does not mean what you think it means.

It’s happening again. People are standing on their rights. They are asking the courts to help them decide between their freedom of religion, their freedom of speech, and their freedom to own guns. FREE CLUE: If you need to ask the court which freedoms you are allowed to have, you don’t have any.

Case 1: I saw this in the CNN this morning, but figured it would be prominent on the interwebs too. The Female Marine is being court martialed for refusing to remove a bible verse from her desk. She claims religious liberty as a Constitutional right. The USMC says it will offend people.

Well, isn’t that a pretty sight! The United States Marine Corps is afraid to offend people. Just go ahead and dress them all up in frilly drawers now and deploy them someplace safe, like San Fransisco.

And, No, You ignorant twat, you don’t have a right to post Bible verses on government property or inside government offices. Your freedom of religion extends only to you and stuff you own. It does not give you the freedom to anything you like in the name of religion. In fact, there is no religion anywhere in the USA that practices or teaches that specific bible verses must be placed in the workplace of the believer. NONE. Not even Jehovah’s witnesses. So, she is claiming an non-existent right to continue a non-religious practice, in violation of lawful orders. Open and shut. And kick her out of the USMC while you are at it because anyone this stupid should not be permitted to waste oxygen in the Corps.

Case 2. Another case where Freedom of speech is set against the freedom to own guns. 1st amendment vs 2nd amendment. A former Marine wants to open a Gun store in Virginia and a local twat has her panties in a bunch about it because “children might see it”. She is entitled to her opinion, right?

No. She isn’t. Selling guns is legal in Virginia. That location is properly zoned for commercial use. Her desire to shield her kid from knowledge that guns exist is futile and unrealistic. She has no right to do that. Her right to free speech does not give her a right to demand that the land lord break a lease. The signatures she collects have zero effect on law in Virginia and have no ability to compel the shop owner to not open. She claims she will protest outside the shop. He right to peacefully assemble and have her grievances heard. NO, YOU IGNORANT TWAT. You have no right to protest everything and anything. You only have a Constitutional right to protest the actions of government. Not the actions of private individuals. you have no right to enter their private property, used for their business with the purpose of shutting that business down or disrupting it. You don’t have that right. That is NOT peacefully assembling or presenting grievances. That is extortion. That is vandalism. That is criminal trespass. you don’t have a right to do any of those things. And it is unreasonable for the rest of society to allow you to attempt it.

The news media says the shop owner is supporting the second Amendment by selling guns. NO. He isn’t. He is supporting commerce by selling guns. The 2nd amendment to the constitution restricts the powers of the federal government. It has nothing to say about where shops can be established and how they are to operate.

This is a simple local issue where in days gone by, the local sheriff would have told that woman to go on home and take care of her husband and let the grown ups worry about running the city.

There used to be a class in HS called “government” where, among other things, students would learn their rights and responsibilities as citizens of this country. But so many citizens are totally ignorant of even the most basic facts that having a reasonable argument with most people is fruitless. As in case one, that stupid woman was so convinced she was right about her religious freedom, even thought she had NOTHING to base that on but the words “freedom of religion”, that she let a minor disagreement with an NCO escalate all the way to a court martial and bad conduct discharge. And she was so full of herself “taking a bullet for Jesus” that she ignored competent legal counsel, her NCOs and her officers all unanimously telling her she was wrong.


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