Crocodilian Tears for Desecration.

This story out of CBS Boston tells us that a Holocaust memorial was vandalized by the placing of pork on it.

Oh, fer crying out loud. That’s all you got? Clean it up and forget it. It’s not worth giving it attention.

“The most horrible thing for me is that they thought about it. They went to the store and bought this piece of meat. They knew what the most painful thing could be,” says Natasha Soolkin of Swampscott.

Geeze, lady. Get some perspective. This is a holocaust memorial. You know, one that is there so you can remember the holocaust? Remember that? It was MUCH MORE PAINFULL than leftover pork laying on the ground.

Pork is an offensive symbol in the Jewish faith. Rabbi Yossi Lipsker, executive director of Chabad Lubavitch of the North Shore, calls it a hate crime.

Huh? Pork is offensive? Since when? Does the entire Jewish world not realize that most Jews EAT PORK? it can’t be THAT offensive after all. At most, it is “unclean” for consumption. It might even be used to symbolize uncleanliness. but it can’t even do that if it is unpackaged and cut up so that it is indistinguishable from all other forms of meat. Hate crime? It’s barely even vandalism. It’s not even offensive vandalism

“It’s beyond belief that in today’s day and age, right here, right now we could see something that I can only characterize as vile,” says Rabbi Lipsker.

Is there a contest lately that we didn’t hear about? Are the Jews trying to be more offended than the Moslems over petty shit?

Here’s a few things that used to qualify as vandalism and hate:
2. Painting swasticas
3. Defacing the memorials using hammers and chisels.
4. Turning over headstones
5. Digging up graves and exposing remains.
6. human or animal feces

All you have are a few pieces of meat. You can pick them up in less time than it takes to complain about it and no one will ever know it was there. Instead you whine to the media in a group self-pity party that only creates notoriety for the villain.

In less time than it takes to run the weed eater around the edges, you can hose off the pork grease and restore teh memorial to it’s original condition.

All I can say is that life in the USA must indeed be the promised land of hope, equality, fraternity and brotherly love if this is the extent of what we have to be outraged about.

Jews used to complain when their shops were burned to the ground. When their synagogs and temples were looted. When they were driven from their homes by armed mobs or when they were exterminated. It is a testiment to both how good they have it now and to how far they have fallen in their character that this is what “makes them physically ill”.

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2 Responses to Crocodilian Tears for Desecration.

  1. Perpetually offended commies.


  2. Slick Willy says:

    I smell some ‘me too’ in the outrage department as well. Does this qualify as a ‘first world problem’ given the nature of the clean up?


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