Time to shut down the CMP*

They are an archaic program that no longer serves the purpose they were intended to do.

The solution is to shut them down.

1. Why should only special shooting clubs have access to former military weapons? Seems to me that all US citizens should have access on an equal basis.

2. I would prefer that those weapons that have any resale value were sold at auction, just like all other surplus military hard goods. Then the civil marketplace could equally have access to them.

3. Sell them all in “as is condition”. No need for a small bureaucracy of government employees to grade and refurbish them first. They are just excess stuff. Sell them and be done with it.

4. End the practice of giving them away to state and local police. They should all be buying they own stuff. Radios, Drones, helicopters, machine guns, ammo. It’s all the same. The local government taxes their own citizens to buy the equipment they need and they are accountable to those local citizens if they blow it on creating Podunk SWAT team. If the states really want military surplus, they can show up at the auctions and bid. The fact is that most of the federal lands that have been divested through BRAC were given away to the states and localities and those states and localities then sold off parts for a profit. That value should have been returned to the taxpayers. Private enterprise should have decided who the new owners would be, not local politicians and their connected friends.

5. The CMP no longer serves to train a meaningful number of the citizens of the USA in rifle marksmanship in a manner that is consistent with military practice. We don’t fight that way any more. You can’t shoot that way while wearing body armor and 80 pounds of gear. The M-4 doesn’t shoot like the M-1 and M-1 carbine.

6. If the government still thinks the goals of the CMP are worthy (and it manifestly DOES NOT), then they should be selling new, in-the-box M-4s and cut rate green tip ammo made at Lake City. And since the civilian marketplace under Obama has surged the number of AR-15s in private ownership far in excess of the goals or capacity of the CMP, it seems that private enterprise works and government programs do not. Guys who shoot thier AR-15s on the weekend are learning a marksmanship skill that is directly transferable to military service. And they did it without a single dollar of government subsidy.

*Civilian Marskmanship Program not the Canadian Mounted Police. The “mounties” may also need to be shut down but that is for the Canadians to decide.

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