Games of thrones liveblogging

1.  What the…  Aria has boobs.  When did that happen?

2. Little Finger is up to his old tricks. I don’t get what he gets out of this. He gets to watch it burn? He thinks he can be king instead of all the big grand old families that have claims (and armies)?

3. The “Faith” just marched the queen away for trial. What happened to all those soldiers Highgarden had? Seems like some street sweeping is in order. I doubt anyone would lift a finger to stop them. No one was lifting any fingers to stop any of the other Armies marching around being bad. Even teh “Faith” is just another Army, milling about and taking their sustenance without working.

4. Bolton takes Sansa is what is obviously a brutal rape. Doesn’t anyone catch a break in this series? This is one scene that could have definitely been just implied. Step one. They go upstairs together. Step two, they come downstairs together, her hair is our of place and the guys downstairs cheer and give bolton a mug of wine.


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One Response to Games of thrones liveblogging

  1. Old NFO says:

    Haven’t ever watched it… sorry, no help here.


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