THAT wasn’t here before

You are all aware that our current overlords in the Cherry Blossom Throne room have been particularly antagonistic to our traditional allies and particularly cozy to our enemies. Special antagonism has been reserved for any nations that might have once had imperial or colonialistic ambitions in Africa, where The alledged father of the sitting president is rumored to have emerged (the father, not the president).

Early during the transition from #43 to #44, the throneroom was redecorated and a bust of Winston Churchill was returned (postage not included) to Britain. Much to the shame of many living Americans who fought in Europe during the last “Big One” shoulder to shoulder with “Tommy”.

Today, I find, greatly to my astonishment, that there is a new Bust of Winston Churchill on official federal govenment property. Here in the Pentagon. It is bronze and approximately 4 times life size, in the second floor concourse, right accross from the hall of Heros. A very fitting place.

There are many notable men whose names are carved into history in huge gilt letters. Churchill’s is among the largest and the best deserved.


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