Update on Geller / Texas / Free Speech Shootings

We are learning more as the days pass, as we knew we would.

1.  It is now known that the two Jihadis were being watched by the FBI.  Good Job, Knuckleheads (sarcasm).  Once again proving that the only Jihadis the Feds can catch are the ones that the Feds set up.  Real Jihadis, acting on their own, can do anything they want.   The FBI is powerless to stop them.

2.  Until they act, there is no way to identify a Jihadi.  Oh, except for that Islam thing, of course.  But that’s racist to notice, so forget I said anything.

3.  I have seen several headlines about “ISIS is here now”.  As if it was hard.  As if the Islamic world completed the Manhattan Project and fought their way across the Pacific, taking one island at a time.  As if they were Africanized Honey Bees migrating slowly from South America 100 miles per year until suddenly (after 15 years) they arrive in Texas.  Isis is just people.  They can get on an airplane 5 days a week and fly first class to the USA any time they want to.  Or they can email a family member who already lives here.   It’s as hard as getting laid in a brothel.

4.  This is not and never was a free speech issue.  Freedom of speech, as we know it, does not mean you can say anything you want.  It means GOVERNMENT cannot restrict what you say.   Your friends, family, community and the media can certainly criticize you for your poor judgement in the things you say and how you say them.  make no mistake about it though.  Out government has no trouble restricting your speech whenever they feel like it.  In the next 5 years, it will become illegal to profane Mohammed.  It will be tied to hate crimes legislation and anyone who pisses off a moslem will be held accountable for any violence the moslem takes as a result.  The Scorpion defense will be used in court.  The poor scorpion couldn’t help being a scorpion.  That’s what he is. You should be more tolerant of him stinging you.

5.  Jihadis can only win a fight if they are fighting against unarmed people who don’t fight back.  Jihadis are cowards, cretins, and mildly retarded.

6.  It seems that wearing body armor and carrying high powered rifles is not the huge advantage that Law enforcement has been telling us.  One traffic cop (not a ninja, not a Navy SEAL, not Clint Eastwood, not Robocop, not USMC sniper), hired as a private security guard, armed only with a pistol, outnumbered and outgunned, ended the fight with a 2-0 score.  If a traffic cop, could accomplish that, imagine what a few million average housewives with a Glock in their purse could accomplish.  No need for MRAPS and patrol carbines.  No need for SWAT teams (the guys who show up after the show is over).  Police departments can afford to seriously cut their counter terrorism budgets.


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2 Responses to Update on Geller / Texas / Free Speech Shootings

  1. Og says:

    Doesn’t matter who you are, if you absorb the impact of a 9mm slug, or a 40, or a 45, even through a well designed vest, it will at the very least take the wind out of you for a second or two. Allegedly. Because there’s no way I should actually know that myself. Anyway, that brief time is plenty enough time for someone to make a headshot.


    • No One says:

      Amen. There are also lots of questions about geometry and angles of entry. If they were shot from the side, the vests likely had zero protection power.


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