Pondering the thread

There is a thread that ties us to this life. It is a delecate thing that may be cut short by an accident.

I was just noticing something about the Clintons:

New York, Hillary Rodham Clinton


Bill is aging MUCH faster than Hill. I can’t tell if it is because she has had ‘work” done over the years, though I am pretty sure that is likely.

My curent working theories:

1. Hillery’s girl friend is younger than Bill’s
2. One of Bill’s flings was a chubby thighed succubus that drained his life energy.

Added 3: It is also obvious that Hillery is getting nearly universal assistance in photo editing from the legacy media culture so that no pictures appear of her looking like an old woman. No one is doing that for Bill. if anything, being older makes him look more Harmless and less like a horn-dog.

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8 Responses to Pondering the thread

  1. How about the well-documented effect of actually having been President twice, combined with fighting off his impeachment?


    • No One says:

      That “well documented effect” is called growing older. It is the sum weight of 8 more years of life, particularly added to an older man. There is nothing special about the wieght of being president that causes pre-mature aging.


      • They’ve done a number of medical studies indicating quite clearly that extraordinarily stressful jobs like President, or CEO of a multinational, do accelerate the aging process. Stress wears people out. That’s what I was referring to.


      • No One says:

        Your presidential mileage may vary. I seriously doubt the job is that stressfull on #44. Some people thrive on stress and live longer, younger, healthier because of it, then fall apart and die as soon as they retire. But that “presidential stress” thing is more myth than reality. It is simply the accumulation of 8 extra years. I suspect the story is more based on the media generating sympathy for #42 than any real stress he felt in office. We never heard about it for 39, 40, or 41. Then suddenly, it was an “established thing”. Remember, despite 43’s maturity when he ran for office, the media portrayed him as a drunken frat boy. There is nothing inherently extraordinarily stressfull about being treated like a king for 8 years and then taking a lavish retirement. There is no minimum standard of performance (as we have now seen) and you can have minions do all the real work.


  2. There is a level of stress necessary for good mental health, and some individuals do thrive on more of it than others, but not all stressors are equal. According to Dr, Roizen, chief wellness officer of the Cleveland Clinic, author of a well-regarded study comparing the medical records of every president since TR, the one that prematurely ages them most is enforced social isolation. This is consistent with studies on long-term prison residents, rats, and primate studies. Mammals do not thrive on restricted space, enforced routine or restrictions upon social interaction.


    • No One says:

      @ Mikey,
      Then this should be a piece of cake for #44. He is the life of the party every night.

      And I was with you until you mentioned he was a wellness DR. Those guys are pretty much quacks. Normally, they are women who can’t cut the hard work of real doctoring but still like to tell other people what they should be eating and how much rest to get. The sort of stuff that doesn’t matter and you never get sued for malpractice over.


  3. Og says:

    Bill? Stress? He watched movies most of his two terms. He knew the press would eviscerate anyone who screwed with him, and they did. The Clinton machine was than and is now a juggernaut, and Bill knew he was never in any actual trouble for a minute. Hills may not have it so easy, but she still has the nuts of every major news media in the palm of her hand.


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