Moslems gonna Moslem

There really is no distinction between Jihadi and moslem.  Since the Jihad is the sacred duty of all moslems, it is not possible or reasonable to attempt to draw a line between them.

1.  I have had a thought in my head that the Geller management team knew with certainty that eventually this sort of thing would happen.  That is why they hired private security at all of their events.  And the presence of that security is why Moslems have not attacked them yet, even though they have sent hundreds of scathing death threats.

2.  Moslems are inherently cowards.  This is not open for discussion.  They only fight when they have overwhelming advantage over unarmed opponents.

3.  I wonder if the Geller team had more than just the normal amount of warning this time and did not just bait the attackers, but laid out the welcome mat for them so that they could be ambushed.  I think that is a perfectly valid tactic.  I think that our own law enforcement agencies should employ that tactic on a regular basis.  But my understanding of the law at this point is that such a tactic is entirely illegal and without justification.  So, I expect the Geller people have been very careful in how they describe this as a self defense action and not “pre-meditated”.


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4 Responses to Moslems gonna Moslem

  1. A.B Prosper says:

    I think Geller was using herself and her volunteers (who knew the risks) as jihadi bait. Shooting up such a festival and getting the hated Mrs Geller at the same time would make a jihadi’s bones as it were.

    However by causing them to act out she did two things, 1st she forced the Muslim risk deeper into the American consciousness and 2nd she ended up ridding the world of two Jihadis

    Had they somehow gotten her and no doubt she and half the gallery was carrying guns, hey, they’d martyr her for free speech .

    If the show had gone in in peace, it would have been a push, an affirmation of free speech and the American Muslims would have looked moderate. Simply it was a strange game and the only way for the Muslims to win was not to play.


  2. Slick Willy says:

    If moslems want to come shoot up Texas, I will be coating my bullets in lard, just to deprive them of an afterlife in their own terms.


  3. Slick Willy says:

    …or a sick sense of humor… I will cop to any and all


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