Crime and Punishment: Boston Edition

The Boston Marathon Bombing trial is still dragging on.  It has taken several weeks.  By contrast, a member of my family was murdered in Norfolk years ago.  When he came to trial it was over and done with in one day.  It wasn’t a rush to judgement.  It was simply the absence of delay, injected by a bunch of lawyers who get paid to delay.

Joker’s middle school teacher is testifying in his penalty phase.

W.T.F!!!  Why?  She wasn’t there.  She has no evidence to present.  She is simply dragging out the length of the trial so that she can be a part of something big and important.

The investigator explained that she wouldn’t have to testify during the guilt phase of the trial. “I didn’t want to try to get him off,” she said. “I believe he did it, and that would have been disingenuous.”


Over the past two years, Norris has given a lot of thought to gnawing questions: What if he showed no remorse for killing four people and injuring more than 260 others?…

WHO GIVES A FLYING WEASEL?  It’s not about your precious feelings, Snowflake.   Your opinion about how remorseful he is or if that is just the right amount of remorse MEANS JACK and SHIT.

…What if her testimony brought pain to survivors?…

Again… Totally irrelevant.  This isn’t about you and how you will feel about yourself and if other people will like you, you silly little twit.

What would people think of her for speaking tenderly about someone who committed an atrocity?

They would think you are a silly little twit and wonder why they are being forced to listen to you give testimony, other than to waste the jury’s time and drag out the case.  They also might question what the hell is going on inside your head and if you should be around other people’s children if you cannot accept that they grow up and become adults and those adults are NO LONGER LITTLE CHILDREN you once knew.

In an essay that appeared on WBUR’s website Monday, Norris wrote that she “discovered the painful truth that when you care deeply for someone, that does not stop, even if he does unfathomably horrible things.”

I am thinking this teacher “cares too deeply” for one of her students and needs to get some daylight.   Yes, “doing horrible things” is one of the ways we adults judge other people and decide that the other person has changed so much that they are no longer the child we once knew.  It is a new person.  Someone we can totally stop caring about.

And yes, I still love him. And — this one is hard to fathom, I know — he is a human being who still needs love.”

No.  He needs to be put to death.  Right away.  There is no question about what he did, why he did it or what the proper penalty is.  Dragging this out is pointless and counterproductive.  Send him a letter and promise to build him a monument.  He will feel special that way.  Then forget about it after he is dead.  It’s not like he will know.

This is why it is an absolute travesty of justice to invite families and victims to testify about how much the criminal hurt them and made them feel bad.  We don’t need to know that it hurt.  We already knew it was going to hurt.  That’s why we made doing that illegal. All that a trial is needed to do is see if the accused did the crime and if he has any good reason why he did it that might be a good excuse.  If you don’t have EVIDENCE that bears on those issues, STFU and stop dragging this out.  Your opinions are not evidence.  Your love for the child that no longer exists and might have been someone else in your fantasy is NOT EVIDENCE. STFU.


ADDED:  I just found this (Tip of the Hat to Captain Capitalist).

Five relatives — three cousins and two aunts — took the stand, though it was unclear if the aunt who broke down would be allowed to complete her testimony.

Get that? Five relative. NONE of them know anything worth testifying about. All of them are saying things that are directly contested by the evidence. “They were such good boys, they would never do this terrible thing”. THEY DID IT. There was no reason to delay this trial so that any of these people could testify. They had NOTHING to say worth hearing.

A cousin testified Monday that Dzhokhar was a kind and warm child, so gentle that he once cried while watching “The Lion King.”

GEEZE! And Hitler’s mom said he was such a sweet little child who liked to eat cookies and walk to the bakery.

“They were so good. They wouldn’t hurt a fly. My sister’s children were such good children,” she said.

LIAR! They did hurt flies.

Prosecutors urged the judge last week to press Tsarnaev’s lawyers to make sure his relatives testify soon because 16 FBI agents have been assigned to guard and protect them while they are in the United States. The family members arrived in Boston on April 23.

The prosecutors flew in distant relatives on the taxpayer dime to delay the trial. They had nothing relevant to add.

Make sure they all leave. Throw their mom onto the plane too.


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