China Building Robot Factory

What could go wrong?

At least that’s what the headline on Drudge says.  I can’t read the actual article because it is hosted on a website that is blocked at work.

So, instead I will just make something up, and then comment on that.

1.  First, before the Chinese can build a robot factory, they will have to wait for the Japanese to build one in China, and then copy it.  Without paying any royalties.  Cause that’s how they roll.

2.  Then they will have to wait for American business men to create products using Japanese and South Korean engineers and also wait for America to create a market for all those robotic products.

3.  Finally, they will have to wait until robat labor becomes cheaper than Peasants in China.  Or wait until they have a population shortage in China.  The reason most of the rest of the world likes robotic factory is because labor be expensive.  If we had labor here as cheap as it is in China, would wouldn’t have bothered building tractors to plow our fields.  We would just have used teams of coolies.  We wouldn’t have bothered to invent machines to make 100,000 nails a minute.  They would all be hand crafted by peasant labor.


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