Skyrim update

Lydia is off the list of potential wives on account of her being dead.  Good thing for me I just happen to get another free housecarl.

Today’s terrifying quest:  get a little girl to stop bullying a little boy in the village.  I’m guessing the developers were running low on potion of creativity.

Oops. Just killed off 2nd house Carl. I thought they were more durable than this. Maybe I should stop using them as human shields.


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3 Responses to Skyrim update

  1. A.B Prosper says:

    Just out of curiosity , what settings are you on? I’ve played plenty of hours and never lost a housecarl. I usually play “normal” with various deadly combat and AI enhancement modes though and some of the higher difficulties in typical Bethesda fashion turn bad guys into bags of HP

    I don’t care for that approach but while Beth Soft makes great content and has managed a much better engine in Skyrim than Fallout 3 or NV, the AI is usually awful and higher difficulty just means slower kills.

    Also dogs are truly stupid in game and will charge anything. I wouldn’t have a companion dog without making it essential or at least protected. Don’t waste the septims

    Also re: the bully quest , I have no idea why that quest is there either. Your out of potion of creativity is as good an explanation as any though mine would be “trying to humanize the world a bit” same as with the orphans . I usually do it since its super easy but its pointless.


    • No One says:

      I play normal difficulty. I loose companions when I go up against 50 level bad guys and whole forts full of elves.

      I lost two horses to combat too. And lost a third because it wandered away or got eaten while I was inside doing something.

      It’s strange that a quest to end bullying includes a grown man and his warrior friend , both fully armed and armored; threatening to beat a little girl. Lots of irony there.


  2. A.B Prosper says:

    Yeah L50 is a bit tough and I haven’t been that far in. Also Thalmor are nasty unless you are prepped for them. Horses die though in fights, its expected.

    I run Hunterborn and rarely ride though so a dead horse is mostly societe de hippophage de anomie to bum a line from Heinlein . Eaten good in the neighborhood.

    And yeah the irony is a little thick. I always threaten to send her back myself. Its more parental and appropriate, However said girl is a violent little head case with a merc father living in a town full of armed and armored people. I doubt she feels threatened.


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