More Mass Shootings in Texas.

When will America wake up and pass some sensible gun control legislation?  We have to stop this insanity.  Yesterday two young men were brutally murdered when some private security guard “police wanna-bees” went nuts and shot the place up.

The dead men are identified as two devout religious practitioners with peaceful intentions.



Of course, the diatribe above is an attempt to use the language of the Left as in after the Treyvon Martin incident to look at the same thing that happened in Texas.  Of couse, as is often the case, we still don’t know what really happened.    It will take a few days for all the details to come out.

1.  The national media will argue incessantly about weather or not the dead guys were “terrorists” or had ties to “terrorists”.  As I have said before, that isn’t a very useful label in any case.  But if that’s as deep as you want to go, go for it.

2.  Guns in the hands of good people, saves lives.  They do that sometimes by ending bad lives.  Our society cannot distinguish by any objective means who is good and who is bad.  There Ain’t no Santy Clause keeping an all-knowing list of naughty or nice.  Until such time as error-free guilt determination is possible and practical, I prefer to ensure I have unrestricted access to any guns, devices and tactics to preserve my life and the lives of people I care about.  Unrestricted.

3.  CNNNBCABCReuters will never point out that there wasn’t a bigger mass shooting because “guys with guns”.

4.  There are two irreconcilable positions here.  Free speech, which has never been unrestricted, and free practice of religion, which has also never been unrestricted.  There cannot be a society which permits cartoonists to mock islam and a free practice of Islam that punishes anyone who mocks their religion.  The most likely alternative is that the government aristocrats will decide who wins and impose it on everyone else.  Since their “god” currently is diversity and their communion is unrestricted immigration and the dirtier the better,  It seems obvious the path we are on.  Import more moslems. Watch more Sudden Jihadi Syndromes (SJS). Pass laws against profaning Islam (but none for Christianity).  A more sensible solution that gives both parties what they want would be segregation.  Let people who worship Mohammed live in countries where everyone else practices teh same thing.  Let people who like to mock mohammed live in countries with liberal (old fashioned) ideas about free speech.  If one of them wants to come here, they have to renounce their barbaric practices.


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One Response to More Mass Shootings in Texas.

  1. Slick Willy says:

    What I find interesting is that ISIS is claiming this utter failure, making the point that ‘they thought we could not reach them in Texas.’

    First, ISIS did not reach into Texas; two SJS wanna-be AMERICANs did this.

    Second, the reason this conference was in Obscuresville, Texas (and not the group’s home state, NY) is THAT TEXAS DOES NOT PUT UP WITH THE BS that, say, New York or California would. We had armed police protection with the right attitude in place. We have armed citizens who remember an incident in a Luby’s several decades ago, and have vowed never again. (no offense to Garland… I used to live near there and think it is a great town)

    Third, this was stopped by a 60 year old traffic cop with a pistol. The terrorists (and make no mistake about what they were) had rifles, the element of surprise, and a car to hide behind which would have stopped most pistol rounds… and were dead within 15 seconds. Garland Police are serious about gun range training… they tend to hit what they shoot at. Notice the low crime statistics in Garland (and most of Texas) to see if criminals are aware of this as well.

    Fourth, rifles against pistols, and you lost that bad? I HOPE jihadis from ISIS are all this brain dead stupid. ROTFLOLWMP

    The moral of the story, is send more ISIS troops to Texas. We can take them.


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