Military Sex Crime Update

I just read THIS mindless stupidity this morning.

This shit really pisses me off.  First, NO ONE in the military is an apologist for rape or sex assault.  But we do have a lot of people who in all sincerity question the motivation and effectiveness of anti-rape strategies and programs.

The number of sex-related crimes occurring in U.S. military communities is far greater than the Defense Department has publicly reported, a U.S. senator said Monday in a scathing critique that asserts the Pentagon has refused to provide her information about sexual assaults at several major bases.

Well now.  That sounds bad.  The US military is required by law to gather that data and report it to Congress, so it distresses me that we are not doing a good job of it.  And we bureaucrats and beancounters take our bureaucracy and bean-counting seriously.

The spouses of service members and civilian women who live or work near military facilities are especially vulnerable to being sexually assaulted, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, D-N.Y., said in a report. Yet they “remain in the shadows” because neither is counted in surveys conducted by the Defense Department to determine the prevalence of sexual assaults within the ranks, the report said.

Stop right there.

So our beancounting is inacrurate because we aren’t counting the right beans?  Or because you want us to count different beans?  Or because the beans are invisible?  No wonder we aren’t doing it right.  The US military only has the ability to report on things that happen under military jurisdiction.  Things that happen on post or that happens to military members.  The other things that happen in the local towns is county and city Law enforcement problems.  Blaming the military for it is bad enouogh, but expecting us to report statistically on thigns we can’t see is just non-sensical.

There is zero evidence supporting the assertion that women living and working near military bases are more “especially vulnerable” than women elsewhere.  If anything, since most military bases are NOT in major crime hub cities, the frequency of sex crimes around military bases is lower than that of the total population average.

This is just another attempt by a fedderal government political hack to monitize an issue for voting power in her next election.  The reports the military provide by law are not producing high enough numbers to justify the narative that the US military is a racist, sexist, homophobic place to work and needs to be changed (by promoting women to fill more general officer jobs than their percentage would naturally support).


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