HBO Game of Thrones update

Poor Sansa.  Passed around like a second hand IOU.  First to the monster, then the imp, then the little finger and now to that other monster Bolton’s bastard.  Why can’t she marry some nice guy who owns a small restaurant?  Or be a farmer’s wife?

If nothing else she should carry poison with her always so that she can have the last laugh on wedding night.

Tyrion’s journey in the old country is tedious and time wasting.  It does nothing to move the story along.  And this story needs some serious moving along.  There was no point in him finding another brothel and getting kidnapped.  It would have been more direct to have him just show up at the gates of New Dragon City.

Likewise for the backstory on Briana.  When you are in season 5, you should not still be doing character development.


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