Skyrim Update

I am 26 hours of continuous play into this game so far.

1.  Adopt children?  Who is the idiot that thought that was a great game thing to add?  And getting a wife too?  Men play these games to escape from their wives and kids and you expect us to gather some more inside the game?

2.  Game balance needs some work.  It is just too random the way you can get in WAY over your head fighting something bigger and stronger than you are.  Example:  I get a mission to take a boat ride and find the people who are trying to kill me.  Ok.  Looks like fun. What can go wrong?  I get off the boat and a local priest complains about Ash zombies living in the basement.  Well, I am a fully armored knight with lots of powers and a shiny new sword that light the undead on fire.  I barely make a scratch on them before they kill me.


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6 Responses to Skyrim Update

  1. A.B Prosper says:

    I’m enjoying your Skyrim posts though have no fear I read the whole blog. Just haven’t had anything to say elsewhere. Came for politics, stayed for the gaming

    As for adoption and marriage, 70% of young people in primer video game ages (20-34) are unmarried and most of the guys don’t have kids. Your situation is a bit of an anomaly. The Hearthfire stuff, building a house, adopting kids and all that comes from a couple of very popular mods so someone likes it.

    Discussion of Skyrims hottest wives seems to crop up a lot too though as you are 26 hours in I won’t spoil who they might be,

    I’ve never done the marriage though I’ve adopted a few urchins, I haven’t recently though given my characters is mostly a wanderer, He’d make Skyrim’s second worst dad. Yeah great, adopt some urchins and have your housecarls raise them while you go off and try and get yourself killed for a few septims. That’s quality parenting right there. 😉

    As for the ash zombies, I assume that’s Dragonborn? I’ve played hundreds of hours but have Skyrim ADHD and never get far into the game. My current game is 15th level I think and while I’ve walked, hunted and fished all over Skyrim I’ve not even done the main quest yet. Mods you know i love em.


  2. A.B Prosper says:

    I use a mod for that otherwise you have to catch them manually as you’ve found. You can also Fus-Ro-Dah them apparently though I haven’t tried it.

    Hunting in the main game is kind of pointless since you get a hide, 1 unit of meat, occasionally ingredients for alchemy and for some reason gold and gems. I guess the wolves eat them I dunno.

    However if you never want to get another thing done install Hunterborn , Fishing in Skyrim (which includes dynamite fishing BTW) , Frostfall and I-Need (or Realistic Needs and Diseases, same effect) and you’ll have a kind of simulator action going on. There are other mods as well crafting takes time, immersive speech which lets you beg and ask for help and such. and others.

    Hunterborn is especially cool since you get realistic meat amounts and hides and can actually get better at tasks.

    Also recommenced for this kind of thing is Harvest Overhaul . I have it set to give me a few extra ingredients and to allow me to get blood and such from some animals

    With this kind of load you end up with something more akin to a fantasy world simulator than a standard RPG. I love it YMMV,

    As an aside I finally killed the 1st dragon at 17th level. I’ve done it before its just I chronically put if off to go roaming . Of course that triggered three more quests, two more from mods and I have like two or three others going on. Kill one little dragon and everyone wants a piece of you. (:


    • No One says:

      I actually found that dragons are easier to kill than other beings. I suspect this is like in the add-on scenarios for Fallout where the difficulty of the monsters is increased to offset your assumed greater level when you meet them. But in this case, I stink I started that scenario too quickly. So, I’m going back to chopping up bunnies in the woods to get enough experience and raise my levels (South Park Reference).


  3. No One says:

    I bought the legendary edition which includes Dawnguard, Hearthfire, and Dragonborn quests. So that is probably how I stumbled into adopting a child and getting my butt kicked by ash zombies. As in most games, i thought there was a game plot related point to interacting with a child other than just doing it for the fun of playing with a child. The child doesn’t have some secret magic sword hidden or know where a bad guy is hiding, so really interacting with them at all is futile and pointless.


  4. Slick Willy says:

    “… The child doesn’t have some secret magic… so really interacting with them at all is futile and pointless.”

    You mean, like talking to my teenagers?

    This really made me laugh; thanks for the comic relief. (My kids have played Skyrim for a couple of years. so I get the references here)


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