The Genius of Bruce Jenner.

While transgendered peoples are, mentally ill as a group, one has demonstrated a huge plus side.  Bruce Jenner recently announced (af if anyone didn’t already know) that he was transgendered and intended to live the rest of his life as a woman.

Burce Jenner’s age:  65

Avg life expectency of a 65 year old male:  84.3 years

Avg life expectency of a 65 year old female: 86.6.

VIOLA!  By transgendering, Bruce extends his life for another 2.3 years.  And it’s not like he is using his dangly bits anyway.  At 65, he is done with them.  He has had his patriarchal fun for 65 years of his life and now that he is old and no longer relavant, he can be whatever he wants to be.


The Social Security Admin will need to act quickly to prevent this from catching on.  If all men did this, it would bankrupt the system.


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2 Responses to The Genius of Bruce Jenner.

  1. heresolong says:

    If you had a like button, and if I was the kind of person that liked stuff on the internet, I would like this post. But you don’t and I’m not so I won’t. Just so you know.

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  2. No One says:

    I “liked” your comment.


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