Playing Skyrim

Steam offered free play on Skyrim this weekend so I got imersed into it.  Here are my observations.

1.  Bethesda’s fingerprints are all over this.  If I had known it was just like fallout 3 I would have bought it sooner.

2.  Do we really need 59 recipies for food?  Can’t it just be “cooked” or “raw”?

3.  The graphics are amazing.  I got motion sick just sitting in the wagon.  I found myself some times just waiting idly in a meadow to watch the scenery.

4.  Just like in Fallout and New Vegas, there is a lot of time and code devoted to customizing your character appearance.  Why?  It has no affect on gameplay and this is
single player so your friends aren’t going to see it.  For 99.99% of gameplay you don’t see your own face either.

5.  I’m still trying to get the hang of the controls. But they all seem to work just like fallout. Even the charachter skill progression is just like fallout.  The only thing missing is the PIP boy.

6.  There’s just too much stuff (different things to pick up and carry) to keep track of.  It would be more realistic if some of the potions you buy were ineffective snake oil.  Just like real life.

7.  Just like in Fallout, you can go to a selection menu that stops time, so if you are getting pummeled really badly by some dark lord or other, you can take a break, refresh yourself, heal up, and then jump right back into it.  Just for playability I woul have preferred a system of hot keys that you could map to usable items in combat, and everything else has to wait.

8.  I find myself carrying way to much shit around.  I went through my inventory and found 15 pounds of dragon bones I have been carrying around the whole game.   I don’t have a place of my own yet.  I stashed all that stuff in a barrel at the Companions’ hall.  I wonder if it ever gets stolen like the warnings tell.  I have been carrying around about 30 different kind of ingredients for stuff I don’t even know how to make.  So they are all useless to me.  I am habitually picking things (like glowing mushrooms) up whenever I find them.  But so far, they are all totally useless.

9.  I have a housecarl assigned to me early in teh game.  She swears to stick by me no matter what.  Then… POOF!  She is gone.  No explanation.

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3 Responses to Playing Skyrim

  1. Old NFO says:

    I just can’t get ‘into’ computer games anymore…


  2. A.B Prosper says:

    Skyrim is much better with mods however if you do go that route, be warned its amazingly immersive. If your PC is good with graphics and has plenty of memory and a little work you can make the HI-Res graphics look 8 bit by comparison

    Also you may wish to finish a playthrough before using any of the realism mods. Those mods change the game into something incredible but in my experience the pacing is much slower,

    You can find most of the best mods on Skyrim Gems here

    If you have questions on some of them the Skyrim mods subreddit is pretty good and you can also check out Gopher on You Tube for a great “how to mod” series.


    • No One says:

      @prosper, thanks for commenting. I am playing on the highest resolution and I find it utterly dazzling. I am using a i5-4690 CPU, 8GB Ram, new MB and GT750 GPU. I upgraded everything but the case and power supply just a few months ago. I’m have no trouble at all processing at that resolution.


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