Game of thrones blogging

Watching the hbo series games of thrones. 

I was just noticing the really good casting they did for Sansa and Aria Stark.  As they have grown up during the past 4 seasons, they look a lot like their mother.

I’ll probably go to hell for this, but Aria has a nice walk. Not the hips of a tomboy who grew up on the run.


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One Response to Game of thrones blogging

  1. Femertilizer says:

    I do think that Sansa looks like their mother, but I don’t think she’s really as pretty as depicted in the books. The actress is fine in the role though. Arya is actually one of my favorite casting choices, though in this case she’s better looking than portrayed in the books. The actress has been very good in that role as well. Was very excited to see Bronn back in the mix. Overall casting has been terrific.


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