Thanks again republicans

Tell me again why it was so important to get a Republican majority in the senate?

I just heard on the radio that the Senate voted to confirm Loretta lynch as the next Attorney General.  So for the next two years the central focus of the federal government law enforcement will remain just as Eric holder had it.


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3 Responses to Thanks again republicans

  1. heresolong says:

    Or worse. She is opposed to marijuana legalization so may not take the hands off approach that Holder has to changes in state law. She is also a huge proponent of civil asset forfeiture so there is concern that she will aggressively push those programs.


  2. Old NFO says:

    Going to be a LONG two years… dammit


  3. Slick Willy says:

    We are at the point where the political class has decided that we will be serfs in their socialist take over. This includes the establishment Republicans and all of the Demo-rats. Many large corporations are complicit as well. We no longer have rights under the federal system, as they have defined so many new (bureaucratic) ‘laws’ that every citizen violates something without knowing every day. Google the YouTube video ‘Don’t Talk to the Police’ and research this if you do not believe me.

    They have the major media behind them, who think they are going to rule as well (useful idiots) but they fail to realize is that every time a country is taken over by communists, the journalists are shot. Communism (the only logical end to socialism) strictly controls the media.

    A long two years indeed.


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