Do These Shoes Make My Commander’s Head Look Fat?


The story yesterday hit the fan that Army cadets are being coerced to wear women’s shoes as part of an anti-rape campaign. Here are my thoughts:

1. The cadets were encouraged to participate and that encouragement took the form of a threat to use a negative counseling statement if they refused. This is a typical type of coercive treatment to be used against people who really care about their careers. The “supports EEO and SHARP” is a mandatory comment box on officer performance evaluations today. So even an unsupported negative remark would be a career ender.

2. One commenter suggested that this is an illegal order. No. It isn’t. military commanders have wide latitude in issuing orders to their troops for a large variety of circumstances. Military commanders can legally order their troops to go full drag if they wish and punish them if they don’t. If you don’t appreciate that… Don’t join the military.

3. One commenter suggested that this is a violation of AR 670-1 (uniform wear of appearance). No it isn’t. Again, local commanders have a wide discretion in making local uniform decisions. This same ROTC unit most certainly also wears their school distinctive sweat shirts over ACU pants to spirit week events.

4. ROTC cadets are not in the military. They don’t have to obey orders. They cannot be punished for refusing. They can totally disregard AR 670-1 with impunity. These cadets are choosing to obey the order to wear red shoes and walk publicly in them because THEY WANT TO. They want the scholarship money they get from ROTC. They want military careers. They want to be officers. And they are willing to do shit like this to get what they want. They are also willing to pretend that they are totally supportive of it. The entire US military is the same way. Every politically correct fad that comes along can count on the full support of the military leadership. And young ROTC cadets are the least equipped mentally and emotionally to question authority or demonstrate individuality. ROTC battalions are not where you find Salmon, swimming against the current.

5. If the military were really serious about “walking a mile in her shoes”, they should remind the world that, in the Army, women’s shoes look like this:


6. How does this happen? The local school feminist departments came up with this lame idea and called over to the ROTC department along with all the other school clubs and asked for their support. The ROTC commanders, knowing they cannot say “no” to feminist causes and campaigns, pledged their support and then used their coercion to ensure the cadets took part. College ROTC departments are every bit as liberal as the campuses they occupy.

7. Were the female cadets given a pass on this event?

8. Here at the Pentagon, there are huge posters hung at the apexes (indoors where the hallways meet) reminding us that this is prevention of sexual assault awareness month. The theme this year (causes need to have themes because… high school) is “hurts one, affects all”. Typical of other information campaigns. The goal is, “come up with a new theme fast”. it doesn’t matter if it is pointlessly stupid. Sexual assault doesn’t “hurt one and affects all”. It of course does hurt the victim, and maybe a few members of the victim’s family. But it only affects the victims, the perps, and a few people in the legal system who deal with the two directly. MOST of the rest of the Army has zero involvement either being assaulted, or suffering any effect at all because of it. Sexual assault is a crime. Like other crimes. It simply doesn’t deserve special attention and status. We don’t have a “prevent military murder” month. We don’t have a “Stealing cars hurts everyone” campaigns.

9. This is typical of military and government service. Thank GOD we ended the draft back in 1975. No one NEEDS to subject themselves to this treatment. It is strictly voluntary. Ig you want to avoid the bullshit, you have to avoid serving in the government. The US ARmy is part of the government. It is every bit as much of a liberal bloated bureaucracy as the Department of Education and the EPA.

10. Meanwhile. This week, 16 women are among the first women to ever attend the US Army Ranger school. Good luck to them all. I would love to see a 16 way tie for “first woman to get a Ranger Tab” since that will ensure none of their names are memorable. I actually feel sorry for them. Even if they are young and strong and fit, Ranger school is going to tear them up. All 16 of course will have that extra motivation of “being first”. The US Army PROMISES that the standards have not been lowered. Personally, I have always expected that opening up Ranger school to women was inevitable. Too many women want the prestige of wearing the Tab. As I said, good luck to them all.


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