Plans within Plans

Baron: Rabban, Rabban! I place you in charge of Arrakis. It’s yours to squeeze, as I promised. I want you to squeeze and squeeze and squeeze. Give me spice! Drive them, drive them into utter submission. Do not show the slightest pity or mercy. Never stop. Go! Go! Show no mercy!
Rabban: Yes, Baron!

Baron: Feyd…

Baron: And when we’ve crushed these people enough I’ll send you…Feyd. Lovely Feyd…

When I see all the right wing news about how bad Hillary is and how disasterous it would be to have her as president, I have to snicker. We have been through 6 years of the Obama administration. I fail to have sufficient imagination to consider how Queen Hillary I could possibly be any worse. By contrast with Obama, she actually looks competent and moderate.


About No One

I am totally non-threatening
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3 Responses to Plans within Plans

  1. Og says:

    Billary does indeed look a good deal like the Beast Rabban.


  2. heresolong says:


    I think you have it backwards. Obama is the Beast Rabban. At this point I think most of the country, other than those in total denial, would kill to have had six years of a Clinton leading up to now.

    But yes, she does look like the Beast Rabban.


  3. JN says:

    After every election I think the new guy can’t possible be worse than the old guy. I’ve been wrong every time. As bad as Obama is, I dread the next guy(gal).


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